Operation and Maintenance Globe valve

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    Aloyco Stainless Steel valves are built to high standards of Quality. Each valve is inspected and tested prior to it leaving the factory. It is imperative that the valves you purchased be properly installed, maintained and operated to assure satisfactory performance.

    The purpose of this manual is to provide you information on installation, maintenance and operation of Aloyco valves. It is not intended to set specific maintenance intervals since these vary from service to service. It is also not to supersede any existing codes, or regulatory and safety requirements.

    The illustrations contained in this manual are actual representation of a certain size, they do not necessarily represent all sizes in all details. Crane reserves the right to institute changes in material, design, and specifications without notice, in keeping with its policy of continuous product improvement.

    Aloyco valves need very little maintenance, and at some facilities that translates into no maintenance at all. So a small problem, such as a gasket leak, grows into a major leak. Those facilities usually depend on a reactive valve maintenance program, that is correcting valve problems after they have occurred. However, the best approach is a Predictive Maintenance Program designed to determine the current status and condition of the valve and use that information to predict its remaining useful life. This requires you to identify substandard valve operation and to either repair or replace the sub-standard valve before failure occurs, thus allowing you to plan your downtime. Unplanned process down time and maintenance are very expensive.

    You should use this manual as a guide in setting up your routine and preventive maintenance program specific to your application.

    All work procedures should include the required safety equipment (i.e., eye protection, protective clothing, breathing apparatus, etc.) required to safely perform the work.
    It is important to understand that the cautions and notices contained in this manual are not exhaustive. Crane could not possibly know, evaluate, and advise of all ways in which a service may be done and the resulting consequences. Crane assumes no responsibility for damage to valves, facilities or personnel, due to faulty installation, improper operation and repair or other conditions beyond our control.

    When repair of a valve is necessary, Crane recommends the use of established repair procedures by a competent valve mechanic and the replacement of faulty or worn parts, with Aloyco authorized parts, as soon as possible.

    In cases where external leakage is of concern Crane does not recommend or sanction the pressure injection of sealants into valves as an emergency repair procedure.
    Should required maintenance exceed in-house capabilities, your local Crane Representative should be contacted for guidance. Valve Service Centers are operated by Crane specifically to assist in Emergency and normal reconditioning of valves. When reconditioned by a Crane Service Center, the valve has the same warranty as a new product.

    Crane Service Center locations and phone numbers are listed on the back of this manual.
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