PSD tuyển dụng Retail Sales Manager

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    Recruitment: Retail Sales Manager

    Job Description

    Activities below are required before starting the business; after that, activities will focus on managing day to day operations and growing sales, managing staff and building sustainability:
    • Do research on products and building local sales channels;
    • Support Board of Directors in setting up sales plan and policies;
    • Implement and negotiate with vendors (LG, Pensonic, Candy, Whirlpool, Cuchen…) to establish sales channels in the North;
    • Develop relationships with local business;
    • Financing / Financial Management: Work with BOD to prepare proposals for Financial management, including budget, cash-flow projections and business plan (P/L);
    • Human Resources: determine staffing structure and job descriptions; work with HR department to establish employee benefits programs;
    • Report regularly to Board of directors on progress
    Desired qualifications
    • Experience with startup business, high priority in electronics products management;
    • At least 2 years-experience on operating an independent (not a chain) retail operation;
    • Demonstrated creativity and innovation in businesses;
    • High level of comfort with uncertainty and change;
    • Business English: fluently in speaking, writing and reading
    Ms. Nguyễn Như Tâm Bình
    Human Resource Deparment



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