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    JOB DESCRIPTION for operation cordinator

    To perform marketing activities and services performance to Clients in line with Company’s business.

    Internal: Other Departments in Company
    External: Clients; Sub-Contractors; Partners

    Working Place: Ho Chi Minh city/Vung Tau city

    1. Maintain relationship and contact with assigned Clients and Partners, Vendors, … to follow-up Market opportunities, report regularly;
    2. Follow particular bidding process, scrutinize ITB, RFQ (Invitations To Bid, Request for Quotation), Prepare bid proposals, bid clarification…;
    3. Finalization of contracts awards, negotiation with Clients and Sub-contractors, Partners, …;
    4. Management of services Contracts with Clients, including;
    a) Coordinate all available resources to perform the services per signed Contracts;
    b) Handle co-ordinations with relevant Partners, vendors and internal departments;
    c) Cooperate and coordinate with the team member to handle the unexpected troubles, crisis;
    d) Making payroll, PIT, SIHIUI calculation,… and follow up with partners/consultants for trouble shooting any issues when requested;
    e) Accompany with partners/consultants if required in Vietnam;
    f) Report on activities and provide relevant information;
    5. Maintain and develop Database in terms of customers, partners, competitors and Market-trend;
    6. Take care of assigned Clients via communications, personal visits and other regular Marketing activities;
    7. Participate training and to develop relevant knowledge, especially related to laws and skills (communication skills, negotiable skills, trouble handling). Attend meetings, forums, events which are necessary to perform tasks efficiently and to contribute to the company development;
    8. Develop ideas for managing and services.
    9. Reports to (title): Operations Manager/ Supervisor


    * Formal Qualifications
    • University degrees on majors of Economics, Finance, Languages…
    • Certificate of fluency and good command in English as mandatory
    * Experience, Skills and Knowledge
    • Minimum 01 year experience working in services business environment
    • Experience in management of human resources and/or services contract
    • Training certificate, good command of office soft-wares (Words, Excel, Power Point,…)
    * Candidate Profile
    • Self-driven and highly motivated
    • Hobbies of external interpersonal interfacing
    • Being able to maintain under big stress
    • Good communication, organization, and interpersonal skills
    * Salary and Others
    - Salary: negotiable, competitively depending on skills and experience
    - Regular training, bonus on public holidays and special occasion.
    - To be considered to raise salary basing on skills.
    - Working in friendly, dynamic & professional environment.
    - Other benefits as per Labor Law and Company policy.

    Please send us your CV and related docs to email:
    vnoiljob@gmail.com. And call us via phone number: 02862586369 for more information.


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