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    PVTrans OilField Services is a professional provider of maritime transportation and services to the oil and gas industry in Viet Nam and abroad (FSO/FPSO, O&M...). We are now hiring Steward to join our Sao Vang Dai Nguyet team as follows:

    Minimum Competencies

    • High school diploma or above.
    • 1 – 3 years’ experience in housekeeping and food services (preferably in offshore/remote location).
    Specific Accountabilities:
    • Performs cleaning of all rooms and areas in.
    • Provides all galley porter age duties including cleaning equipment, cutlery, crockery, glasses and general housekeeping duties.
    • Performs all galley cleaning and maintenance including defrosting refrigerators, cold room and storage areas, etc.
    • Performs laundry services including bedding, linens, clothing, etc.
    • Conforms to all Occupational, Health, Safety and Hygiene standards.
    • Participates in all training requirements to ensure duties are carried out in a competent manner
    • Adheres to all housekeeping and cleaning schedules.
    • Assists with unloading containers, garbage disposal, etc.
    • Assist with food preparation under the direction of the Chef.
    • Ensures effective equipment operation and reports defects to the Camp Boss / Chief Cook.
    • Performs emergency response duties as required.
    • Daily cleaning of rooms such as dusting and tiding, making of beds, changing of bed linens, towels, toilets, etc.
    • Organises and cleans up to upkeep standard requirement for a clean, orderly and safe work environment.
    • Responsible for the cleaning and sanitation standard of the laundry room/mess/laundry.
    • Responsible for ensuring that the laundry area is always kept clean and especially the floor area, work table, storage shelve, vents, etc.
    Working location: Onshore - Vung Tau then moving to offshore work in Q3 - 2020

    Application Deadline: 28th March 2020

    Applicable to Vietnamese employees only

    Send your resume to pvtransofs-recruitment@pvtrans.com or contact us at +84 254 357 6669 - Ext: 201


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