A big Oil & Gas Company is looking for position Senior Contracts & Procurement Engineer

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    • Job Title: Senior Contracts & Procurement Engineer
    • Department: Contracts & Procurement Department
    • Location: Ho Chi Minh City
    • Reports to: Contract & Procurement Manager
    • Effective and efficient performance and managing, in compliance with directive received from the Procurement Manager, all aspects relevant to the contracts planning, executing, auditing, and supervision, co‐ordination and administration activities associated with contracts for Company.
    • To purchase materials, spare parts, equipment and services following established purchasing policies and procedures, and optimizing prices, delivery and terms.
    • To realize purchasing and contracting activities effectively and in accordance with the procedures and business processes.
    Main Accountabilities and Responsibilities:
    • Coordinate for the purchasing and contracting activities with the Company’s Departments;
    • Analyse end‐user requests and verify they are authorized to begin the purchasing/contracting process;
    • Prepare overall strategies, Bidders Lists and relative letters to send for approval by PVN and Partners if any;
    • Prepare the contractual strategies , the concurrences if any and the contractual and commercial sections of the tender package and compile the full tender package;
    • Writing contracts requirements in conformance with all applicable laws and in compliance with Company Procurement Policies & Procedures;
    • Prepare ITT and send them with the relevant bid documentation to the selected bidders using the e‐bidding company’s system and managing the tender process phases and ensuring coverage of all operational risks and compliance with obligations and procedures in force;
    • Open the bids and submit the technical section to the end users for technical advice;
    • Lead negotiations with suppliers for technical, commercial and contractual aspects;
    • Contribute in the negotiation of conditions and rates with recommended bidder, in order Drafting the contract text for the signature of both parties, finalizing all contractual terms and conditions to award Contracts for Goods and Services for any value and complexity and ensuring that terms and clauses are well defined and in accordance with company procedures and policies and with commercial practice;
    • Finalize commercial evaluations of the bidder documents and in the review of the technical evaluation performed by the requesting Dept. , in order to recommend the most technically acceptable and economical offer, meeting with operational deadline;
    • Obtain the approval of Contract award reports by PVN, Partners and Company Vietnam Board if any;
    • Issue Contract once the vendor has been selected and file them with the summary of the tendering process (Car);
    • Ensure that confidentiality is maintained during the procurement process;
    • Notify the supplier selected the award of the Contract and receive relevant acceptance;
    • Provide timely advice and support to the requesting Dept. in executing and interpreting the contract, as well as in managing and/or formalizing any modification (early termination, contract revision, breach of contract);
    • Assist the upper position in making the required strategic services and specific goods available at best terms and conditions (price inclusive), according to the procedures and legislation in force.
    Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)
    • Comply with rules and standards described in Company Policies, HSE Integrated Management System and Procedures;
    • Report all incidents;
    • Motivate colleagues to comply with HSE rules and standards;
    • Participate in HSE related initiatives ensuring the proper spreading and information within the department;
    • Ensure the compliance, within, the responsibilities, of contractors, in the contractual documents, on company’s HSE Standards, regulatory documents and any other process;
    • Contribute proactively to support company in reaching the HSE assigned objectives.
    Main Interfaces:


    • Intradepartmental & interdepartmental
    • Management
    • Internal Audit
    • Company HQ
    • Vendors, Contractor Suppliers
    • Partner, Authorities (when required)
    • External Auditors
    Qualifications & Experience:
    • Bachelor Degree in related fields
    • Minimum 8 years relevant experience within Contracts & Procurement in Oil & Gas Industry
    • Computer literacy in Microsoft Office;
    • Vietnamese national with proficiency in spoken and written English.
    Required personal capabilities
    • Team‐work oriented
    • Planning target control
    • Problem solving
    • Strategic thinking
    • Planning and organizational skills
    • Negotiation and communications skills
    Working Condition
    • Office based employee
    • Extreme confidentiality must be assured regarding the issues treated
    Qualify candidates please submit your CV at: Trainor.cv@trainorasia.com.vn by 23 Sep 2019


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