A big Oil & Gas Company is looking for Senior Exploration Geoscientist

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    Job Title: Senior Exploration Geoscientist

    Department: Exploration

    Location: Ho Chi Minh City

    Reports to: Exploration Manager


    To assemble all technical contribution for the Exploration Team, to support the elaboration and definition of the opportunity value on the basis of the hydrocarbon potential volumes and geological risk, in accordance with Company processes and Best Practices

    Main Accountabilities and Responsibilities:
    • Conduct geoscience studies necessary to assess the hydrocarbon potential of Exploration and New Ventures business opportunities, with focus on:
      • Ensuring the overall technical integrity of G&G studies;
      • Identifying and reporting key uncertainties in subsurface data interpretations;
      • Providing data input for technical economic evaluation of the exploration projects;
    • Utilize broad multi-disciplinary skills in both geology and geophysics, and their sub-disciplines;
    • Evaluate a wide range of opportunities within the exploration domain, supporting their inclusion in work program & budget proposals;
    • Integrate the understanding of petroleum systems in diverse geologic settings using both geologic and geophysical data;
    • Identify prospects and leads integrating the understanding of: basin genetics, integration of structure and stratigraphy, hydrocarbon systems (HCS) evolution;
    • Generate new plays (leads and prospects) and propose the relevant testing, including the recommendation and planning of a drilling program, providing geologic and economic assessments;
    • Advise on and recommend data purchases based on strategy, data quality, and exploration problem analysis;
    • Perform follow-up of exploration and appraisal drilling activity, assuring technical support for operational decisions;
    • Work within a multi-functional team to develop realistic resource size distributions and objective risk assessments;
    • Ensure effective communication and reporting to Management, Partners and NOC's;
    • Assess risk and generate in place volume for all prospect generated.
    Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)
    • Comply with rules and standards described in Company Policies, HSE Integrated Management System and Procedures;
    • Report all incidents;
    • Motivate colleagues to comply with HSE rules and standards;
    • Participate in HSE related initiatives ensuring the proper spreading and information within the department;
    • Ensure the compliance, within, the responsibilities, of contractors, in the contractual documents, on company’s HSE Standards, regulatory documents and any other process;
    • Contribute proactively to support company in reaching the HSE assigned objectives.
    • Main Interfaces:
    INTERNAL : Departments and line management

    EXTERNAL : NA with the exclusion of technical issues with contracting companies

    Qualifications & Experience:

    • Graduate degree in Geology (Geoscience) / Petroleum Geology
    • Extensive experience in exploration and G&G disciplines
    • Petroleum Engineering basic course (preferred)
    • Geology & Geophysics (advanced)
    • Subsurface & Reservoir (basic)
    • Good skill in interpretation and mapping software (Decision Space, Petrel, Kingdom…)
    • Proficiency in spoken and written English.
    Required personal capabilities
    • Strategic Thinking
    • Problem Solving
    • Flexibility
    • Innovation
    • Planning Target Control
    • Decision Making
    • Spirit of Enterprise
    • Excellence Orientation
    • Communication
    • Listening and Reception
    • Negotiation
    Working Condition: Office based employee

    Qualify candidates please submit your CV at: Trainor.cv@trainorasia.com.vn by 7 Feb 2020


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