Admin of NGO - Special Job Vacancy

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    [Special Job Vacancy]
    - Job position: Admin of NGO
    - Job descriptions:
    • Handle logistic tasks of events/ seminars/ charity
    • Assist Operations Manager and Board of committee in Operations
    • Prepare meeting room, booking hotel room, air tickets, prepare travel plan.
    • Manage agendas/travel arrangements/appointments etc
    • Manage phone calls and correspondence (e-mail, letters, packages etc.)
    • Purchase equipment and supplies for the office or for projects/events
    • In charge of simple bank transfer
    - Job requirements:
    • University degree
    • Fluent in English, proficient in MS office ( word, excel, ect)
    • Oral and written communication skills
    • Experience in many volunteering activities is an advantage.
    • Fresh graduate for 1 year experience
    • Able to work multi – task
    • Reliability and honesty, enthusiasm
    Strong organizational skills with the ability to multi-task
    - Full time commit
    - Start working in April 17
    - Salary : Negotiate
    - Please send your CV to

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    Vung Tau city
    Hi there,

    Many thanks for your post, but can you please specify the working location? Is it in HCMC or Vung Tau or elsewhere? Thank you!

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