BEPA cần tuyển 02 Chuyên gia CFD (Mô phỏng động lực học dòng chảy)

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    Bà Rịa - Vũng Tàu
    BEPA looking for 2 CFD Specialists (Computational Fluid Dynamics)

    Working in: Dong Xuyen IP, Vung Tau city

    Salary: 1,300USD to 1,800USD

    Job Description


    The ideal candidate would have a profile characterized by being

    • Highly skilled in CFD and fluid mechanics. Experience in advanced topics such as multiphase flows (particle-gas, gas-liquid), fluid-solid interaction, heat transfer, cavitation, population balance modelling is an advantage.
    • Ability to communicate effectively to different stakeholder types.
    • A good engineer with holistic perspective and a pragmatic problem-solving mindset.
    • A person that understands the value of structure and professional discipline.
    • We expect that you have graduated (Msc or similar) as an engineer specializing in fluid mechanics and CFD (mechanical or chemical engineer), and that you have minimum 2-5 year experience in CFD simulations.
    If you feel that you are well suited to the above opportunity, please send your CV to Ms. Linh Email:


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