BEPA is looking for Mechanical Design Engineers (Vietnamese Applicants only)

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    Bà Rịa - Vũng Tàu
    Working in: Dong Xuyen Industrial Park, Vung Tau city, VN.

    Salary: 800 USD - 1,500 USD (non-negotiable)

    Experience: 1 – 7 years

    At BEPA, we are building a Talent Community of highly talented and motivated professionals for future job roles. If you match the described job role and are as excited as we are to have you on-board in the future, please send us CV to be a part of our Talent Community.

    Currently we have 5 openings for start December 1st .

    All jobs at BEPA are permanent contracts.

    Job Descrition:

    As a Mechanical Design Engineer, you will be responsible for:

    • Designing of mechanical components/ system, including 3D Modelling and 2D.
    • Undertaking mechanical engineering activities from initial customer requirements and developing them into design specifications, verifying the design by calculations or FEA and then converting them into manufacturing specifications and operating specifications.
    • Ensuring that assigned work is executed according to the necessary standard and schedule within budgets for duties and activities assigned.
    • Establishing the planning process through to the development of a schedule & prioritization for all assigned engineering duties & activities.
    • Build and keep good relationship with customers.
    Required Qualifications:
    • A Bachelor or Master’s degree in mechanical engineering or a similar field.
    • Must know SolidWorks and Mathcad.
    • 1- 7 years of experience
    • Knowledge of applicable European norms and standards, or equivalent US standards is benefit.
    • Must have an interest in designing solutions for our clients in the wind sector
    • Experience in technical audits and customer reviews.
    • Be able to read and understand technical documents in English.
    • If you are a positive and active person, have teamwork attitude, are disciplined, take responsibility, find out solutions, follow agreed deadlines and adapt to possible changes, you will be a good candidate for our team.
    Job Potentialities:
    • Working in international environment.
    • Cooperating with professional specialist in engineering all over the world.
    • Becoming part of cutting edge designs in the Danish Wind Industry.
    If you feel that you are well suited to the above opportunity, please send your CV to Ms. Linh Email:


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