BEPA is urgently looking for 10 C++ Software Engineers

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    Bà Rịa - Vũng Tàu
    Working in: Dong Xuyen Industrial Park, Vung Tau city, VN.
    Salary: 1,400 USD - 1,800 USD (Permanent contract)
    Experience: 2-5 years
    Working time: 8 hours/day and 5 days/week
    Benefit: fully paid insurances according to Vietnam Labor Laws + lunches + December Bonus

    Deadline: 22/11/2021

    At BEPA, we are building a Talent Community of highly talented and motivated professionals for future job roles. If you match the described job role and are as excited as we are to have you on-board in the future, please send us CV to be a part of our Talent Community.

    Job description
    • Participating in software development and consulting for the wind industrial systems and solutions
    • Participating fully in the software development processes such as design analysis, programming and testing, etc.
    Job Requirement
    • Bachelor degree or equivalent in Electronic & Telecommunication, Computer Science, Information Technology or related majors.
    • 2-5 years working experience
    • Strong background in C/C++ programming language.
    • Experience in developing, maintaining and debugging software with C/C++, using STL, pointers, multi-threading, data structures, socket programming, ...
    • Experience in using design patterns, optimizing the performance of algorithms or applications with C/C++ is an advantage.
    • Experience in software analysis and design is an advantage.
    • Ability to read and write technical English.
    • Working in international environment.
    • Cooperating with professional specialist in engineering all over the world.
    • Chances to work and learn more in European countries.
    If you feel that you are well suited to the above opportunity, please send your CV to Ms. Linh Email:


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