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    • This position is responsible for communications with and control of yard equipment during the execution of the vessel and yard operating plans. Ensures that all Work Instructions are executed in accordance with received instructions.
    • Understand, monitor and communicate efficiently and effectively all operational issues and anticipate discrepancies that may arise to ensure maximum terminal productivity.
    • Ensure all equipment necessary to work vessel is ready and available prior to beginning of operations.
    • Ensure the all operations are executed in accordance to priorities set by the Shift Manager, report any problem areas of operations and implement the agreed changes to resolve the problems.
    • Ensure the optimum utilization of all equipment employed during the designated shift period by monitoring equipment work queues and allocating equipment where required to achieve maximum productivity.
    • Supervise the gangs for the vessel discharge and load operations according to plan in order to achieve the highest possible Quay Crane productivity.
    • Ensure smooth and speedy movement of containers to and/or from the Gate.
    • Ensure all relevant data is captured and documented and maintain accurate shift logs and records as required.
    • Develop a thorough understanding of the Tideworks SPARCS equipment control and planning system and utilize them to the fullest in terminal operations.
    • Maintain a watch over terminal areas for unsafe working practices.
    • Monitor continuous operations by the use of the “hot seat” changeover at shift changeover times and rest break changeovers.
    • Contribute to “on the job” training of staff and undertake other duties within capabilities as required by management.
    • Update the system with equipment identification on a continual basis.
    • Coordinate with Terminal Supervisor and Yard Planner for the requirements of yard equipment (RTGs, Reach Stackers, Empty Handlers) for the shift, depending upon how many cranes are working, discharging or loading, or cycling.
    • Monitors the dispatch queues to identify potential clashes and delays in the yard.
    • Coordinates with Terminal Supervisors and Planners to quickly respond to yard clashes, equipment breakdowns or other problems.
    • Manually dispatches tractors and yard equipment for movements that are not in an automatic dispatch queue, such as gate moves, reefer pre-trip inspections, cross stuffing, etc.
    • The key impact of this incumbent will be the maintenance of operational efficiencies in the terminal. Responsibility for the execution of day to day operational activities.
    • College or Bachelor degree in Logistics, Operations Management, or related discipline.
    • Preferably working experience in a container terminal, else within a transportation environment; experience in Dispatcher in container terminal is an advantage.
    • In depth knowledge of logistics, yard planning/ lay-out and container terminal operations.
    • Possess effective analytical, numeracy, reporting and problem-solving skills.
    • Has a proactive approach to improving systems and procedures that will improve operational efficiency.
    • Requires some knowledge of Tideworks vessel and yard planning systems.
    • Requires ability to use computerized vessel and yard operation software system(s).
    • Requires an understanding of vessel & yard planning, vessel and yard operations.
    • Required good communication skills
    • Requires a high level of planning and organizational skills.
    • Has familiarity with the strict implementation of international standards of safe working practices within marine, stevedoring and terminal operations
    Company's information:
    SP-SSA International Container Services Joint Venture Company
    Phuoc Loc Commune, Phuoc Hoa Ward, Phu My Town, Ba Ria Vung Tau.

    Please send your CV to email: recruitment@ssit.com.vn

    Deadline for application: 31/10/2019

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