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    • Provides effective and efficient level 1 support for users relating to Application in Terminal for simple problems. More complex problems are referred to supervision.
    • Coordinates with IT Team to monitor day to day business system operations, database operation of the terminal to keep the maximum availability of Application system in Terminal.
    • Analyses user incident, request/problem and finds appropriate solutions for IT Application problem and record in the service desk system.
    • Resolves IT application-related incidents, service requests and problems in a timely and efficient manner in line with business requirement.
    • As required, provides timely communication to users on the status of their service request and incidents.
    • Communicates with customers in a professional manner, maintaining confidentiality where applicable.
    • Troubleshoots the issues from personnel computer, business software systems.
    • Participates in installing and testing all the scenarios of Application before releasing and follows the RM procedure in Governance.
    • Loads and sets up the workstation following to the SSIT IT Standard.
    • Supports end users to commits the SLA and follows the IT operational procedures set by IT Manager.
    • Assists IT team in developing new applications for internal use as and when required.
    • Other duties assigned by line manager as and when required.

    • College degree in computer science or related discipline.
    • At least 01 years of experience in Application system, Database administration and client support.
    • Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database certification will be preferable.
    • Good understanding of MS application, including operating systems, support system software, virtual infrastructure, server virtualization and Desktop virtualization.
    • Understanding of Business system & database server especially in Terminal industry will be preferable.
    • Ability to work under pressure
    • Effective interpersonal skills in order to work with internal customers
    • Quick learner and able to read/study documents quickly
    • Self-confidence and ability to work independently
    Company's information:
    SP-SSA International Container Services Joint Venture Company
    Phuoc Loc Commune, Phuoc Hoa Ward, Phu My Town, Ba Ria Vung Tau.

    Please send your CV to email: recruitment@ssit.com.vn

    Deadline for application: 31/12/2019

    Chỉnh sửa cuối: 17/12/19

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