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    • Vessel planner is responsible for the planning of vessel discharge and load operations. The planning takes into account of vessel stability, safety, and an efficient yard and vessel operation.
    • This position is also responsible for controlling and planning the complete yard process in order to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency with due consideration to vessel and inter-modal operations.
    Vessel Planning

    • Responsible for providing vessel and shipping agents with information about vessel load and discharge processes.
    • Maintain ownership of the vessels under your control and assist if planning disturbances occur during vessel call.
    • Ensure efficient and highly productive planning with due consideration to the vessel stability and safety under load and discharge.
    • Prepares and communicates vessel load plans and vessel work plans.
    • Keeps the quay-operation and vessel administration systems updated.
    • Controls the execution of the vessel operation plan.
    • Checks with berthing coordinator for reasonable berthing position for fast turn-around of tractors during vessel operations.
    • Preparation and execution of vessel discharge and load sequence to support, achieve & sustain productivity targets per quay crane operation
    • Manage and control the execution of the vessel operation plan, ensuring that the vessel file is closed within two hrs of the completion of vessel operations.
    • Filing and housekeeping of planning related papers in accordance with standard operating procedures. Also maintain that all vessels receive paper work in a timely manner.
    • Meet vessel on arrival, to finalise and provide all loading documents, and quay crane working sequence. Ensure that all vessels receive final departure paper work in a timely manner
    • Understand vessel stability and safety under discharge and load criteria and whether intended discharge and load plan meets those criteria

    • Provides the vessel operation administration.
    • Acts as a focal point for vessel planning activities.
    • Identifies and solves problems and issues on a daily basis, usually of a moderate to highly complex nature.
    • Reports problems and issues especially issues of complexity or impact on the operation.
    • The key impact of this incumbent will be the maintenance of operational efficiencies in the terminal. Responsibility for the execution of day to day operational activities.
    • The position is responsible for considering and ensuring the confidentiality of all works, documents and information received during the course of work performance with due diligence and not to disclose any confidential information to any third-party for any purpose that is related to the company’s business during and after the employment with SSIT.
    • College/University degrees in Logistics, Operations Management, or related discipli
    • Requires at least three or more years of previous experience as a vessel and yard planner for a container terminal operation. Previous experience as a dispatcher in a container terminal environment will be an advantage.
    • Requires good knowledge of container vessel stowage and stability criteria.
    • Requires good knowledge of yard lay-out and operating techniques.
    • Having experience in using Terminal Operating System (Tideworks, Navis, etc…) is prefer.
    • Requires a certificate in hazardous cargo handling.
    • Has familiarity with the strict implementation of international standards of safe working practices within marine, stevedoring and terminal operations.
    • Requires a high level of planning and organizational skills.
    • Requires ability to use computerized vessel and yard operation software system(s).

    Company's information:
    SP-SSA International Container Services Joint Venture Company
    Phuoc Loc Commune, Phuoc Hoa Ward, Phu My Town, Ba Ria Vung Tau.

    Please send your CV to email: recruitment@ssit.com.vn
    or contact HR Dept. at 0254 393 8888 – Ext 403

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