Cargo Operator & Mechanical Technician

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    1. Kinh nghiệm: đã từng làm việc tương tự trên FSO/FPSO, có khả năng giao tiếp tiếp anh để xử lý công việc.
    2. Thời gian làm việc: từ 3-5 tuần làm offshore/3-5 tuần nghỉ;
    3. Thời gian huy động: Dự kiến bắt đầu từ cuối tháng 1/2017;
    4. Hợp đồng dịch vụ: Làm việc lâu dài trên FPSO

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    Position Title Cargo Operator

    Location FPSO

    Position line reports to Sr. Cargo Operator

    Positions line reporting to it N/A

    Position functionally reports to Crane Operator, GPO

    To operate and maintain all marine systems in a safe and efficient manner and in accordance with the Facility Management System.
    To understudy the Sr. Cargo Operator and assume the duties and responsibilities of the Sr. Cargo Operator during the absence of the Sr. Cargo Operator from the facility.

    2.1 To monitor FPSO stability with reference to stability, trim, stress and bending moments when on duty as per loading and monitoring plan.
    2.2 Implement the cargo plan prepared by Operation Supervisor Manager the discharge of produced water from slop tank to overboard as per plan made by Operation Supervisor, monitor ppm reading on the OCM for slop tank in Engine Room and take physical water sample from OCM drain for laboratory analysis by Production Operator to compare with ppm reading on the OCM.
    2.3 Assist Sr. Cargo Operator/OS with tank washing and gas freeing operations as “responsible person”.
    2.4 Ensuring the off take equipment and machineries, such as the IGS system, offtake meter and prover, cargo pumps, are always functioning correctly.
    2.5 Responsible for the operation of the cargo pumps during offtake operation and assist as required.
    2.6 Periodic inspection of cargo/hydraulic lines and valves.
    2.7 Carryout routine helicopter operations and assist as helicopter landing officer (HLO) or deck crew when required.
    2.8 Calculate daily production figures by way of manual ullages using UTI
    2.9 Maintain facility keys and security systems
    2.10 Prepare PTW for next day by night shift duty.

    To provide support during emergency response and take charge of the emergency muster station.
    Liaise with OS and Sr. Cargo Operator on day to day marine activities.
    To familiarize any junior staff and trainee cargo operators.

    5.1 Experience
    a. Relevant operating experience on an FPSO or similar facility preferred and
    detailed knowledge of tanker operations includes crude oil washing, inert gas systems and marine safety systems.

    b. Experience with safety management systems preferred.

    c. Experience in tandem mooring and unmooring system large vessels at offshore moorings preferred.

    d. Experience as Second Mate on tanker sailing vessel preferred.

    5.1 Qualifications

    1. Class 3 Certificate of Competency or equivalent with Tanker Endorsement.
    2. GMDSS Operators Certificate.
    3. Good personal and interpersonal skills, good command of English and culturally aware with experience of working with multicultural workforce preferred.
    4. Oil tanker familiarization certificate
    5. Advanced training programme on oil tanker operation
    6. Advanced fire fighting
    7. Personnel survival techniques, Fire prevention and fire fighting, Elementary first aid, Personnel safety and social responsibilities
    8. Offshore Fire Fighting and Helicopter Survival certification
    9. Offshore Medical Certification
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    Position Title Mechanical Technician

    Location FPSO

    Position line reports to Senior Mechanical Technician

    Positions line reporting to it N/A

    Position functionally reports to Maintenance Supervisor

    The Mechanical Technician is responsible for carrying out operation and maintenance of the FPSO’s associated equipment and vessel utilities with minimal environmental impact in accordance with legislation, class, flag and the Facility Management System.
    To maintain/ keep watch in ER and on deck equipment as assigned during normal operation and off takes.

    2.1 Undertake general watch keeper’s duties.

    2.2 Maintain a machinery space log and keep a watch as directed.

    2.3 Maintain a high standard of good house-keeping in and around the engine room/on deck equipment site.

    2.4 Responsible for ensuring the mechanical maintenance of equipment, plant, and systems is carried out in a safe and effective manner.

    2.5 Responsible for operating and recording log of all machinery and equipment as assigned. Report to Maintenance Supervisor if anything abnormal happens.

    2.6 Assist Maintenance Supervisor to identify priorities to plan maintenance and shutdown activities in order to minimize downtime and maximize production.

    2.7 Carry out fault finding and diagnosis of problems affecting plant and systems taking corrective actions to anticipate and prevent downtime and thus maximize oil and gas production. Performs breakdown repairs whenever required. Shows initiative in identifying opportunities to improve plant and machinery performance.

    2.8 Assist in preparing and submitting requirements for spares and proposals for modifications, and in identifying appropriate stock levels and ensuring they are maintained at an optimum operational level.

    2.9 To liaise with Storekeeper on ordering of stores and spare gear and monitor consumption for Production Department materials.

    2.10 Undertake engine room, pump room, and deck equipment maintenance and repairs under the direction of the SMT.

    2.11 Assist in the organisation and handling of materials as directed by the SMT.

    2.12 Responsible for training of sub-ordinates.

    3.1 Be aware of and uphold company policy regarding “Health, Safety and Environment” and “Environmental Protection Policy”.

    3.2 Being responsible for their own safety and health, and that of others in the workplace, and for understanding their contribution towards the safety of themselves and others
    3.1 Immediately reporting to management all incidents, accidents, near misses, or unsafe conditions or practices that may occur in the workplace

    3.2 Using all personal and other protective equipment provided where appropriate.

    3.3 Take part in all drills and exercises and in the event of any actual emergency fulfil the duties assigned as per the emergency response plan.

    Report directly to SMT on the FPSO.

    Liaise with the other Discipline Supervisors.

    5.1 Experience

    5.1.1 Knowledge and experience of operation and maintenance of marine machineries and equipment or in the offshore oil and gas industry

    5.1.2 Experience in the operation and maintenance of process equipment preferred

    5.1.3 Experience with Safety management system and computerise planned maintenance systems preferred.

    5.1.4 Experience of using the PTW system

    5.1.5 3 years field experience in any heavy engineering environment

    5.2 Qualifications

    5.2.1 Good knowledge in English with good personal and inter-personal skill.

    5.2.2 2 years technical college in a mechanical engineering discipline.

    5.2.3 2 years in the Maritime College in marine engineering discipline

    5.2.4 3 years in college in some other engineering discipline

    5.2.5 A tradesman’s certificate as a mechanic, diesel fitter, heavy equipment fitter

    5.2.6 Engine Officer, Certified under the International Convention of Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers as Third Engineer (without limitation)

    5.2.7 Offshore Fire Fighting and Helicopter Survival certification

    5.2.8 Offshore Medical Certification

    5.2.9 Oil tanker familiarization certificate

    5.2.10 Advanced training programme on oil tanker operation

    5.2.11 Advanced fire fighting

    5.2.12 Personnel survival techniques, Fire prevention and fire fighting, Elementary first aid, Personnel safety and social responsibilities

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