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    Qualifications and Experiences:
    - Proven experience and results-oriented career AND/OR HND or Degree equivalents in appropriate engineering subject, or STCW or Chief Engineer or equivalent.
    - Class 1 Steam Certificate or equivalent experience in steam operation
    - Current Dangerous Cargo /Dangerous Goods certificate or equivalent. Medical certificates 2 years minimum as Maintenance Superintendent (or shore based equivalent) plus appropriate period as acting/deputy Maintenance Superintendent (or shore based equivalent)
    - Experience and knowledge of Safety Management in hydrocarbon processing operations
    - Experience and knowledge of hydrocarbon processing systems and utility systems
    - Supervisory experience of Permit to Work, Mechanical/Electrical Isolation Standards and Risk Assessment
    Certificates required:
    - Graduated from Marine University ( Degree Bachelor of Marine Engineering Engineer );
    - Having Vietnam Certificate of Competence ranked Chief Engineer issued by Vietnam Marine Administration Seaman’s Book, Seaman’s Passport, Normal Passport (Issued by Immigration Department);
    - STCW certs: Basic training per IMO, Medical first aid and medical care, Advanced Fire Fighting, Engine Resource Management, Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats, Ship Security awareness, Designated security duties, Oil Tanker Familiarization, Oil tanker Advanced, Maritime English- Level 3;
    - Having certs: Confined Space Entry, Accident/Incident Investigation; T-BOSIET/FOET
    Personal Skills:
    - Personal: Conscientious, flexible, versatile and determined. Capable of assertive and positive communication and performance
    - Leadership: Exemplary safety and managerial leadership skills. Good levels of written and spoken communication in English language. Clear understanding of personnel, behavioral and team issues
    - HSE: Good HSE behavior, experiences in management of other facilities safely and harmonize properly in multiple cultures to maintain Company HSE culture as requires
    - Technical: Appropriate standard of managerial, technical, and professional knowledge as defined by competences
    IT: Good knowledge and skill with ‘Maintenance Management System’ interface. Practical familiarity with standard ‘Office’ software package. Operation and use of Internet and electronic mail system.

    Location: FSO Vessel, Offshore, VietNam.
    Deadline: 5May2017
    CV submission via email:

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