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    Bà Rịa - Vũng Tàu
    Cần tuyển vị trí: CRD PROCESS ENGINEER

    Địa điểm làm việc: Vũng Tàu ( Hồ Chí Minh và Singapore nếu có yêu cầu từ dự án )
    Yêu cầu:
    1. University degree, major in oil processing engineering or operation.
    2. Have experience and working knowledge as process engineer or production supervisor of offshore/ onshore production unit or equivalent.
    3. Experience and knowledge of Process Simulation packages as Hysys, Hysym.
    4. Experience and knowledge of Computerize Maintenance Management System.
    5. Familiar with competent base training program.
    6. Demonstrates personal initiative and motivation by working independently.
    7. Cultural sensitivity and ability to work within diverse team.
    8. Safety and environment focus.
    9. Proficient in English language.
    Mô tả công việc:
    Job objectives:Be responsible for onshore support on Production and Process aspect to ensure continuous operation, maintenance, modification, integrity and reliability of CRD FPSO in the safe manner.

    Main work tasks:
    1. Provide technical comments/suggestion during FPSO Project EPC to assure the FPSO shall perform its design functions and advantageous for operation and maintenance works later on.
    2. Review and comment technical documents during EPC phase of the project
    3. Participate on HAZID, HAZOP, safety study.
    4. Develop Operation & Maintenance manual/guideline/procedures for CRD project (Including FPSO & TLWP) on production and process.
    5. Develop CBTA modules for production team on CRD facilities.
    6. Support reviewing data build, testing and acceptance of CMMS system for CRD facilities (FPSO & TLWP).
    7. Review recommend 2 year spare part list and identify necessary spare parts & consumables for production packages. Set min-max, re-order levels for spare part of production & process.
    8. Provide efficient process engineering support to daily operation of the CRD FPSO to achieve optimal utilization of facilities, minimal deviations from product, reduce energy usage, reduction of discharges to the environment.
    9. Monitor and manage chemical injection effectiveness for CRD facilities. Participate in chemical evaluation process, optimize chemical usage on offshore facilities.
    10. Accountable as process technical authority to review all related issue of process engineering.
    11. Carry out process simulation using appropriate programs as Hysys, Hysym as required.
    12. Prepare workpack planning of offshore campaign related to production & process.
    13. Lead on root cause analysis of process safety event, production shutdown investigation.
    14. Prepare monthly report of client’s specified KPI and as per O&M contract.
    15. Coordinate of yearly planned shutdown activities.
    16. Other jobs as assigned by CRD Operation Mana
    Liên hệ SĐT 02543.612.869
    Ms.Huyền ( Huyenha@vungtaujobs.com)
    Hotline: 090.166.0588
    E-mail: Recruitment@vungtaujobs.com)

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