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    · Assist in managing efficient utilization of cash and financial services in a manner consistent with the objectives of the Company.

    · Assist in identification of Tax liability, preparation & submission of timely and accurate tax returns of the company.

    · Assist in processing payments, preparing local reports to government authorities

    · Assist in managing project spend curve and progressive payment of project’s contracts

    - Assist in reconciling monthly turnover in SAP and its tie-up with other systems
    1. Operational Management:

    · Timely and coordinated document movement between country and LGSM (Linde Global Service Manila)

    · Maintaining reliable and accurate accounting records for the company

    · Time to time communication with LGSM team for accounting of transactions

    · Support line manager on service quality and timelines

    · Draw data from system and format the same as per audit requirements.

    · Provide necessary document to support audit requirements.

    · Support line manager in timely information to the auditors and implementation of audit recommendation, stock count

    · Monthly checking of financial statement to ensure compliance with company’s policies and procedures for accounting and reporting operations.

    · Fixed asset control and IO closure

    · G/L mapping production as local VAS requirement

    · Monthly sales closing in SAP, GSR and other systems to be reconciled

    · Treasury Activities:

    a. Understand all aspects of cash flow.

    b. Assist in forecast of daily cash requirements and execute daily financing decisions.

    c. Monitor day to day operations of cash management systems.

    d. Assist in preparing benchmark studies of banks and their services.

    e. Calculate risk associated with any foreign exchange transactions.

    f. Co-ordinate in managing cash flow and investment of surplus fund.

    g. Assist with paper work required in rising of capital required for business investments and working capital.

    h. Liaison and co-ordinate with banks and deliver treasury instruments like Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantees etc. requested by business

    i. Maintain proper records as may be required for efficient functioning of Treasury team.

    j. Control loan and interest prepayment schedule and work closely with Treasury team for FX trade

    · Taxation Compliance & Governance:

    a. Assist in calculation of company’s tax liability and the applicability of taxable/non-taxable instruments.

    b. Prepare necessary working paper for smooth closure of tax audit.

    c. Assist in timely & accurate preparation & submission of tax return required for local tax compliance.

    d. Support in tax planning process, e-tax submission in monthly and quarterly, yearly basis

    e. Assist in conducting performance assessment of investment proposals and assist in tax planning.

    2. Performance & Service Management

    a. Assist Finance in continuously improving tax matters focusing on simplification, standardization, quality improvement and cost minimization.

    b. Assist Finance Manager in continuously improving financial operations processes focusing on simplification, standardization, quality improvement and cost minimization.

    c. Identifies continuous improvement opportunities in quality & efficiency and supports implementation efforts.

    d. Maintain cordial relation with Tax authorities and Bankers,

    3. Project management (when capex investment is in place for VN02)

    a. Assist project in recording payment progress, site expense and contract management during project phase.

    b. Prepare monthly project expense report to the business, raise appropriate correction of project cost incurred

    c. Identify and classify asset under construction and group into defined asset category in future capitalization
    4. Payment service

    a. Coordinate with LGSM for payment run process with designate company schedule

    b. Invoice posting, payment processing, payment clearing, review cash availability for payment

    c. E-payment service and provide training to new comer

    5. Perform other tasks or initiatives as directed by Line Manager

    - Required qualifications/experience

    · 3 to 5 years experience in accounting and reporting function

    · Accounting degree and recognised general accounting qualification

    · Operational SAP knowledge and MS Office skills

    • - Must have Excel skills and Proficient in basic math skills
    - Knowledge and understanding of Financial Operations.

    *** Work Location: Phumy (Baria Vungtau)
    *** Salary: Competitive
    *** Contact information: Ms. Mai Ngô maingo@vungtaujobs.com 84 64 3612869 Ext: 304

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