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    — To give guidance to the Managing Director / Country Head in ensuring compliance with legislation, group standards and policies;

    — To provide leadership in continuous improvement by ensuring that ISO 9001 Quality Management systems and ISO14001 Environment Management systems are established, implemented and maintained in all identified sites, and developed programs for improvement as required by standards;

    — To lead and support the various site and plant locations on Safety, health, environment, quality and Security;

    — Ensures that the safety strategy is applied consistently across the country; ensures delivery of country Safety Implementation Plan (SSIP);

    — Drives the development and improvement of processes and systems to achieve a sustainable HSE performance;

    — Ensures compliance with legislation, Group standards and policies.
    — Sufficient working experiences in Safety, Operational or Engineering discipline; EHS Qualified.

    — Substantial evidence of successful SHE management experience.

    — Application of SHE concepts and policies evident in previous roles.

    — Strong communications skills, organisational awareness and the ability to influence senior business executives in a multi-cultural environment.

    — Proven track record in developing and implementing safety programmes and against stretch performance targets.

    — Proven team leadership skills, ability to influence the in country organisations.

    — Risk Management experience and involvement in risk assessments and audits.

    — To work effectively within both direct line and matrix reporting structures.

    — Degree level, ideally in Mechanical, Chemical Engineering or Process Engineering.

    — At least 8+years working in operational or engineering role/s.

    *** Salary: Competitive
    *** Work Location: Phumy/Baria Vungtau
    *** Contact information: Ms. Mai Ngô maingo@vungtaujobs.com 84 64 3612869 Ext: 304

    Chỉnh sửa cuối: 9/3/17

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