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    ***Minimum Requirements
    · Certificate of Competency of STCW Engine Officer II/1 or equivalent with Oil Tanker Endorsement.
    · Other STCW document/certificates of Proficiency such as Advanced Fire Fighting, Medical First Aid&Medical Care,Proficiency in Survival craft,rescue boat &Fast rescue boat.
    · Previous experience as Officer in charge of an engineering watch on a tanker with detailed knowledge of tanker systems and operations.
    · Previous experience as a Maintenance Engineer on an FSO/FPSO or similar facilities is an advantage.
    · Experience with Safety Management system,Facility Management systems and Computer Based Maintenance Management Systems preferred.
    · Strong personal and interpersonal skills and culturally aware withe xperience of working with multicultural workforce.
    · Good command of English(TOEIC 500o requal)
    *** Contact information for CV submission: maingo@vungtaujobs.com 84 64 3612869 Ext: 304

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