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    *** Responsibilities:
    - Promote safety awareness and application of company Management System (MS), COPs and prime policies.
    - Report concisely in accordance with MS requirements with due regard for document control.
    - Ensure timely and effective closeout of survey and relevant audit actions
    - Ensure change management procedures are applied appropriately.
    - Contribute effectively to accident and incident investigation, review and reporting.
    - Manage welfare and disciplinary issues at departmental level with appropriate reference to Captain and Fleet HR.
    - Ensure probationary and annual appraisals are completed fairly and consistently in timely manner
    - Ensure full compliance with Class, Flag and Port State requirements, preserving the vessel’s operational status.
    - Effective supervision of project, sub contract and vendor personnel.
    - Manage parts control, inventories storage record keeping, shipping and receiving by use of AMOS.
    - Maintain awareness of key issues relating to client and sub contractor relationships.
    - Maintain effective cost control and promote cost awareness in others.
    - Manage operations in conjunction with all department heads to maximize efficiency and uptime
    - Demonstrate through exercises and scenarios, knowledge and awareness of emergency response techniques.
    - Demonstrate knowledge of potential impact of incidents and scenarios on vessel safety and security
    *** Requirements:
    · Proven experience and results-oriented career AND/OR HND or Degree equivalents in appropriate engineering subject, or STCW or Chief Engineer or equivalent.

    · Class 1 Steam Certificate or equivalent experience in steam operation

    · Current Dangerous Cargo /Dangerous Goods certificate or equivalent. Medical certificates 2 years minimum as Maintenance Superintendent (or shore based equivalent) plus appropriate period as acting/deputy Maintenance Superintendent (or shore based equivalent).

    · Experience and knowledge of Safety Management in hydrocarbon processing operations.

    · Experience and knowledge of hydrocarbon processing systems and utility systems.

    Supervisory experience of Permit to Work, Mechanical/Electrical Isolation Standards and Risk Assessment.

    *** Salary: Negotiable
    *** CV submission to Ms. MaiNgo maingo@vungtaujobs.com 84 64 3612869 Ext: 304

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