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    Minimum Competencies:
    5 years related experience in a marine or Topsides maintenance environment (offshore oil and gas operations would be an asset).
    • Working knowledge of regulatory and industry codes applicable to the maintenance disciplines
    • Working knowledge of marine and / or Topsides related mechanical equipment
    • Working knowledge of preventive and predictive maintenance, condition monitoring and with the application of computerized maintenance management systems
    • Familiarity with the theory and practice of rotating equipment and vibration analysis
    • Experience with the operation and maintenance of gas turbine driven generators, diesel engines, multi-stage centrifugal pumps and compressors, HVAC systems, hydraulic systems and associated auxiliary equipment
    • Ability to read relevant technical drawings and piping specifications
    • Demonstrated awareness and sensitivity to environmental health and safety issues
    • Effective communication skills (written, oral and computer)
    • Leadership and teamwork skills / behaviours which support a team based organization.
    • Ability to understand and react with diverse offshore / onshore groups and operations.
    Proficient in English both written and verbal.
    Specific Accountabilities:
    • To liaise with onshore support and technical authorities on issues or tasks related to their discipline or department;
    • Reporting to the Maintenance Supervisor, accountabilities include:
    • Maintain integrity and perform safe and efficient maintenance of all mechanical systems and equipment in accordance with established procedures
    • In charge of condition and vibration monitoring for all rotating equipment on top side, system ownership for all gas compressors.
    • Effective leadership, coordination and communication of all maintenance activities as directed by the Maintenance Supervisor
    • Assists to prepare, review all workpack related to mechanical side
    • Understand and follow all rules and procedures
    • Report all hazardous conditions, near misses and accidents
    • Demonstrate the culture that no job is so routine or urgent that it cannot be done safely
    • Adherence to Permit to Work system while carrying out all activities
    • Respond quickly and effectively to problems / breakdowns
    • Gathering of data in support of equipment condition monitoring
    • Willingness and flexibility to be trained in all aspects of FPSO operations
    • Willingness to train and be part of an offshore emergency response team
    • Responsible for all assigned system/location ownership
    • Responsible to ensure day shift duties are being fulfilled.
    • To be the champion / focal point for Flange Integrity Management.
    To be owner of the specific equipment / systems as assigned by Supervisor;
    Location: FPSO Vessel, Offshore, VietNam.
    CV application via email: susi9.2017@gmail.com
    Deadline: 15Aug.2017
    Thank you very much in advance for your interest in our company and CV application. We'll contact to you for the interview if your CV meet the requirement.

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