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    Bà Rịa - Vũng Tàu
    • Bachelor qualification in mechanic;
    • Hands on experience within Mechanical environment in oil or heavy industry at least 5 year are preferred.
    • Have good understanding in operation and maintenance of basic equipments such as centrifugal pumps, compressors,
      Diesel engines, valves …etc.
    • Have good understanding and skill in using hand tools and power tools;
    • Have good understanding in shaft alignment, good practical skill is encouraged;
    • Good skill or qualification of machining, welding, rigging is an advantage;
    • Cultural sensitivity and ability to work within diverse team;
    • Experience working with a foreigner would be beneficial;
    • Able to work rotational assignment in an offshore environment;
    • Capable of communication in English;
    • Ability to learn new equipment, processes and procedures quickly and with a minimum of outside training or schools;
    • Capable of learning in a fast moving working environment;
    • Demonstrated knowledge of working with equipment similar to that found on CLJOC facilities;
    • Basic understanding of safety requirements for offsh
    *** Contact information for CV submission: thinnguyen@vungtaujobs.com - 02543612869 Ext: 212
    Hotline: 090.166.0588
    E-mail: Recruitment@vungtaujobs.com

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