Petrosetco need 01 Buyer (Tempo 3 months)

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    01 BUYER (Tempo 03 months)


    Ø Receive service request from client

    Ø Plan the supplying, purchasing and proposal services

    Ø Request quotation to suppliers then analyze, evaluate and offer the suitable suppliers

    Ø Submit the quotation for client

    Ø Be the focal contact point for Supplier and client

    Ø Receive and process information, queries from Client & Supplier

    Ø Receiving, chasing, or make Order request to client.

    Ø Make Order request to supplier

    Ø Coordinate with other departments in following contract/services which perform by Commercial Dept.

    Ø Evaluate & manage Suppliers as per company policy

    Ø Manage the recurrent reports as close report, final report, completion report…

    Ø Checking full documentation before submit to Supervisor/ Manager.

    Ø Building & maintain good relationship with clients

    Ø Study & understand clients’ need

    Ø Perform other task from head of department


    - Economic, commercial degree

    - Knowledge in import/export, Market, Contract, business correspondence and Proposal law

    - C degree in English; TOEIC 550; Good English communication

    - At least one year experiences in related position in Oil & Gas field.

    - Good health; can work under pressure environment.

    - Dynamic, flexible in solving problem with client

    - Team work spirit.


    Attractive salary and benefits


    Petrosetco Vung Tau General Services Joint Stock Company.

    Add: No.63, 30/4 Street, Thang Nhat Ward, Vung Tau City.

    Hotline: 0768.515.379 (zalo)


    Tel: 0254.3832170 (Ext : 170 – Mr. Lộc; Ext: 226 - Ms. Hạnh)

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