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    Position Purpose

    The primary function of a Superintendant is to ensure that the employees under their control are effectively managed by the supervisors to maximise productivity. This function takes precedence over all other responsibilities, authorities and administrative duties. It will require the Superintendant to be on the floor for at least 60% of every day, and to ensure that they visit each area of their operation on an equal, and regular basis. In addition to contact with their supervisors during the “walk and talk”, they are to have regular contact with many of their employees and, as a minimum, should know each one of their employees by name.

    Task Management:
    • Ensure OHS&E policies & guidelines are carried out
    • Follow approved company processes as defined in Strategic Marine’s Business Management System
    • Continually seek to identify & minimize areas of risk and/or waste
    ·Responsible for the preparation of schedules in conjunction with Supervisors, the ongoing monitoring and maintenance of milestones and rescheduling as required.

    ·Responsible for ensuring materials are delivered on time.

    ·Responsible for the monitoring and maintenance of adequate stock levels.

    ·Ensuring correct construction procedures are adhered to in compliance with Strategic Marines Quality Standards.

    · Assisting with maintaining safe working practice and good housekeeping in all areas and ensuring Strategic Marines Safety policy and Work Safe regulations are followed.

    ·Ensure that company policies and procedures are understood and followed, particularly in relation to:

    oHealth and Safety

    oQuality Assurance

    • Superintendants must have a presence on the shop floor. Ensure they have a point of contact with a number of people in their department excluding their supervisors.
    • Attend one toolbox meeting per week as an observer.

    People Management:

    ·Responsible for resource planning.
    • Conduct regularly and timely performance review for all direct reports.
    • Provide/give positive and corrective feedback to direct reports/Manager about performance in a timely manner.
    • Motive team members toward the common goals/objectives.
    • Works cooperatively with all members of the Fabrication team to develop and implement staffing plans and activities.
    • Support the immediate supervisor to provide leadership for Fabrication department’s staff.
    Interpersonnel Management:
    • Responsible for liaising with and directing outside contractors as required.
    • Liaise with other trade Managers, Supervisors and Superintendants, as required.

    Information Management :
    • Responsible for sourcing and distributing Design, Material and Class information to supervisors.
    • On a required basis, provide input and justification for capital expenditure.
    • Provide input on a regular basis at department meetings regarding:
      • Morale
      • Product Improvement
      • Cost Savings
      • Weight Savings
      • Additional Tooling or Machinery Requirements
    • Ensure all timesheets are processed and job codes are allocated daily
    • Be responsible for schedule data being updated.
    Personal Management :
    • Ensure the 10 Fundamentals of supervision are followed.
    • Identify and address individual strength and weakness, developmental needs and changing circumstances to enhance personal and organizational performance
    Foster and support the principles and values of the organization as a whole

    • Display a good working knowledge of planning and monitoring.
    • Display a good working knowledge of General Shipbuilding practices.
    • Understanding of Classification societies and regulations.
    • Basic welding practices.
    • Shipbuilding repair.

    • Degree in relevant field e.g. Marine, Mechanical, Naval and Systems Engineer
    • Management or Project Management programme.
    • Listening & questioning.
    • Organizing & planning and time management
    • Delegation and supervision
    • Gathering and analysing information, data for decision making
    ·Team motivation and team building

    ·Conflict management

    • Ability to apply the knowledge of main job function and basic skills into works
    • Ability to encourage and motive team members toward common goals
    • Ability to perform well and complete tasks under high pressure
    • Ability to look for solutions to solve problems
    • Ability to predict and prepare preventive plans to avoid the potential of risks at work place
    • Ability to learn and update related knowledge to meet the job required
    Experience (if any):

    ·Minimum 2 years in similar Manager role

    ·Minimum 3 years experience at supervisory level in the similar field

    Minimum 5 years production experience

    Please contact
    Strategic Marine (V) Co., Ltd
    12 Dong Xuyen Industrial Zone, Rach Dua Ward, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria-Vung Tau, Vietnam
    T: +84 64 361 5225
    M: +84 94 543 5430 (Mr. Tung)
    Email 1:
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