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    Senior Internal Auditor This position will take in charge of the main following responsibilities:
    • Conduct internal audit assignment on operation, compliance, finance, and accounting areas.
    • Build standard operation procedures, principles and regulations related to financial accounting, management and control business operation processes.
    • Prepare audit program, conduct audit field work, submit finding issues and audit summary/reports.
    • Perform roles of Internal Controller in subsidiaries.
    • Assist to perform Enterprise Risk Management System, including analysis data base of company to build risk appetite, ERM Procedure, work with consultant to apply ERM in the whole Company.
    • Perform the other task assigned by Internal Audit Manager.
    There are also technical skills required for this position:
    • Good knowledge and experience in auditing, consulting, taxation, accounting and financing.
    • Good experience and typical skills related to build controlling procedures effectively.
    • Able to analyze business operations and knowledge in management accounting.
    • Good experiences in risk management and operation assessment.
    • Good command in English speaking and writting.
    Every candidate who has more than as below will be the advantages:
    • Working exprerience from 3 to 5 years.
    • Working as an Internal/External Auditor or in related fields, experienced in Big 4 or audit companies.
    Company: PVD Head Office
    Working Location: Ho Chi Minh City
    Expired Date: 31-Dec-2017

    To potential candidates, please submit your updated resume to us via website (or via email recruitment@pvdrilling.com.vn incase website application does not work); After received your resume, our system will automatically send you a confirmation email.

    Liên hệ:
    Phạm Quốc Khánh (Mr) - Bộ Phận Tuyển Dụng
    Email: khanhpq@pvdrilling.com.vn
    ĐT: 0914 112 871


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