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    PVD Invest is looking for SED QA/QC consultant position with details as below:

    Position: SED QA/AC

    Contract duration: 4 months, estimate start from September 20th, 2023
    Deadline to submit: Tuesday, September 12th, 2023.

    If you are interested in this position, please submit your CVs & certificate to the contact point below:
    Ms. Kim Anh - anhttk@pvdrilling.com.vn
    and Ms. Ngoc: ngocvb@pvdrilling.com.vn

    JD as below:


    (COMPANY) as Operator of block 12/11, plans to carry out Survey Evaluation and Design Study (SED Study) for a new 3D Broadband Seismic Survey (“SURVEY”) over an area of approximately 750 sq.km. The SED Study is expected to start from the late August 2023 and to complete within 16 weeks. The SED works will be carried out by a Third-Party Contractor (SED CONTRACTOR) whose processing centre is located in South East Asia region.


    II. 1. The main task of the Quality Control (“QC”) Consultancy Services is to ensure the works performed by the SED CONTRACTOR full-fill and meet COMPANY requirements and working standards as described in the SED Study CONTRACT and this CONTRACT. CONTRACTOR shall prepare and carry out the SERVICES, with professional competence in accordance with the industry standard of the profession that shall include but not be limited to the following:

    a) All necessary hardware and software provided to perform QC for this project;

    b) Proposed QC Personnel to be available as required timeframe;

    c) Provide QC facility and products as the industry standard in seismic consultancy;

    d) Project progress monitoring and data quality supervision;

    e) Supervision of reports on a regular basis, including the final report.

    II. 2. CONTRACTOR shall provide, upon COMPANY’s request, the following services (“SERVICES”):

    SED QC Consultancy Services: to provide the necessary services and one (01) SED QC Consultant to work remotely for duration of approximately 16 weeks from late August to December 2023 to perform Quality Control (QC), on behalf of COMPANY, the SED Study carried out by a SED CONTRACTOR. This includes working remotely from their home/office and a brief duration in ZNEPVN office, as well as a short QC meeting trip at SED CONTRACTOR’s venue to ensure the final survey design meets the required quality standards.

    The scope of work for the QAQC consultancy is outlined as follows:

    Database Investigation:

    QC Consultant is required to work on brief duration of approximately 3 days in ZNEPVN office in HCM. This work involves a thorough review of all existing 2D/3D seismic, wells, and other relevant datasets in the survey area as well as clearly understand the objectives of COMPANY for the SED study and the next coming 3D survey.

    QC Consultant, based on the findings from this investigation, is expected to establish sufficient knowledge about geology, geophysical details specific on the study area and the COMPANY technical, operation objectives for this survey. This knowledge will be used to supervise/guide the SED Contractor in their works to ensure the successful of SED study in both technical and timing manners.

    The actual SED works is expected to carry out in two phases, and therefore the QC Consultant shall prepare him/herself accordingly.

    SED Phase 1:

    The first phase of the SED study is expected to be completed within 6 weeks from the SED study start date. During this phase, a comprehensive data review will be conducted, recommended parameters for the 3D survey acquisition configuration will be proposed, source modelling and directivity analysis will out be carried out, broadband cable configuration and line spacing determination will be done, and some preliminary vessel pre-plotting runs will be performed.

    The results obtained during Phase 1 will be utilized by ZNEPVN to proceed with the survey pre-planning and tendering process.

    The QC Consultant works, therefore to assist COMPANY to QC, supervise SED Contractor to meet the above objectives. QC Consultant is expected to work from his/her home/office and with the amount of time of approximately 2 days per week.

    QC Consultant is required to attend 1-day QC trips to SED Contractor’s processing center before completion of Phase 1.

    SED Phase 2:

    The second phase of the SED study is expected to take approximately 10 weeks after the completion of Phase 1. This phase will involve the implementation of the remaining technical requirements, including 3D illumination, inline survey direction, survey operation plan (SURVOPT) and final processing sequence.

    The QC Consultant is required to continue QC, supervise the SED works as well as review, comments all reports generated by SED CONTRACTOR. The QC Consultant’s work plan is expected to be 1 (one) day per week, and the work will be carried out remotely from consultant’s home/office.

    Final Report:

    The QC Consultant is required to submit to COMPANY a final report that cover details of the works, his/her conclusions and recommendations. The final report shall be submitted to COMPANY to review and finalize not later than 14 calendar days from the completion date of SED Study.

    Addition to the above fixed schedule, QC Consultant shall be readily available to perform the QC trip to SED Contractor office upon the COMPANY request and with a reasonable pre-notice.


    III. 1. General requirements

    a. CONTRACTOR must submit to COMPANY an up-to-date curriculum vitae for the proposed Consultant showing his/her qualifications/training and professional experience. The minimum information about the personnel needs to be provided:

    i. Full name, date of birth, nationality, position/responsibility duty in the project,

    ii. Education - stating periods of educational establishments attended and qualifications attained with grades where applicable,

    iii. Details of technical training courses attended together with dates,

    iv. Number of years working in seismic data acquisition/ processing/ survey design.

    v. Number of conducted projects in 2D/3D seismic data acquisition.

    vi. Number of conducted projects in 2D/3D seismic survey design.

    vii. Number of conducted projects in 2D/3D seismic data processing,

    viii. Information on conducted projects need to be clearly described, including at least: Client, conducted year, location (block, basin, etc.), country/region, type (marine/land), dimension (2D/3D), acquisition technique (conventional/broadband), specific assignment (project manager/acquisition advisor/seismic processing geophysicist/other technicians), etc.

    ix. Specific expertise in seismic data processing/design including published results or works if any,

    x. Any other information CONTRACTOR considers relevant.

    a) The Consultant will be working from home/office-based for the duration of SED operation to perform Remote QC. The work schedule will be on average of two (02) days per week during Phase 1 and one (01) day per week during Phase 2. The Consultant also required to attend weekly video/teleconferences with COMPANY and/or SED Contractor. These work schedules, however can be adjusted, with COMPANY written approval, accordingly to the workload.

    b) The Consultant shall make him/herself available and ready for all the communication as requested during the duration of the SED study, tentatively from late August 2023, at the earliest, to December 2023.

    c) CONTRACTOR shall report the time worked in the agreed-upon timesheets (spreadsheets or time-tracking system/software) and shall submit timesheets and invoices with supporting documentation.

    d) Upon COMPANY request, the Consultant is required to attend QC trips to SED Contractor’s processing center.

    e) CONTRACTOR is responsible for providing insurance, including all employer & public liability, professional indemnity for the Consultant, and full arrangement of mobilization/demobilization / QC trips, including permitting.

    f) CONTRACTOR is required to provide facilities (personal computer, high-speed internet connection, communication software, and the like) for consultant to communicate with SED Contractor and with COMPANY.

    III. 2. The SED QC Consultant will:

    a) Follow COMPANY’s HSE policy, work procedure, and standards;

    b) During SED operation act as COMPANY Representative and perform QC activities as described throughout this SOW to ensure SED study works are complied with acquisition technical standard and to communicate to COMPANY all the matters related to the survey design quality and to report on progress and schedule.

    c) When required by Company, perform QC visits/trips at SED Contractor’s processing centre to conduct QC meeting and to perform hand on QC to ensure the quality of the work;

    d) Notify COMPANY immediately in case of any failure of the contractor(s) to comply with contractual obligations and make a recommendation for appropriate action;

    e) Recommend changes for acquisition design parameter(s) decision, and processing sequence(s) for improvements;

    f) Commit to perform technical presentations and provide advice on any matter related to the SED;

    g) Report progress of the SED operation on a weekly and monthly basis;

    h) Deliver the Final SED QC reports.

    III. 3. The qualifications and experience of SED QC Consultant shall include but not limited to the following:

    a) University degree in related geophysical fields (Geophysics, Physics, Mathematics, Signal Processing)

    b) Number of years in seismic processing and seismic acquisition ≥ 20 years

    c) Has sufficient knowledge in both seismic data acquisition (in particular marine 3D seismic acquisition) and seismic data processing. Expected experiences in the past fifteen (15) years:

    xi. The number of 3D marine seismic data processing (as data QC and/or lead processor): ≥ 5 projects;

    xii. Survey design (SED) projects (as SED QC and/or lead Designer): ≥ 5;

    xiii. Number of acquisition projects (as Acquisition/Navigation QC and/or Seismic Acquisition Project Manager): ≥ 5;

    xiv. Experience with 3D broadband marine seismic (as Data Processing/SED and/or Marine Acquisition QC/Project Manager): ≥ 4;

    d) 3D marine seismic data processing/ survey design project in Nam Con Son Basin offshore Vietnam or other areas sharing similarities (fault shadow, shallow gas clouds, and other relevant).: ≥ 2.

    e) Experience with Seismic Survey Design software packages (OMNI, Gundalf, Survopt, etc and other relevant technology).


    IV.1. During the course of SED Operation, the Consultant will submit Weekly and Monthly SED QC Report(s) to COMPANY, which shall include but not limited to:

    a) SED steps worked on during week /month;

    b) The work completed in such week /month;

    c) History of survey design flow and decisions made by SED CONTRACTOR and COMPANY;

    d) Parameters were selected and approved;

    e) Forward plan.

    IV.2. Within fourteen (14) calendar days from the completion of the SED study, CONTRACTOR will submit a Final SED QC Reports. As a minimum, the reports shall contain:

    a) Introduction - to contain a location map and a brief description of the SED study and the objectives of the QC Works.

    b) Final recommendation of acquisition parameters - giving full details of the configuration and parameters.

    c) Grid Information - giving the geodetic datum, spheroid, and projection, the grid corner point coordinates, and the line numbers associated with them.

    d) Final recommendation of processing sequence

    e) Brief description of Works includes Data Base Investigation / Phase 1 / Phase 2 SED study.

    f) Detail Parameters: Containing a step-by-step description of the works involved to derive the recommended parameters, geophysical/operational reasons shall be highlighted.

    g) Conclusions and Recommendations

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