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    We are looking for candidates for the below roles to carry out technical consulting and detailed engineering of wellhead platform in oil & gas project:

    1. Project Engineer
    2. Document Controller
    3. Senior Process Engineer
    4. Process Engineer
    5. Process Draftsman
    6. Senior Piping Engineer
    7. Piping Engineer
    8. Piping Draftsman
    9. Senior Mechanical Engineer
    10. Mechanical Engineer
    11. Senior Electrical Engineer
    12. Electrical Engineer
    13. Electrical Draftsman
    14. Senior Instrument Engineer
    15. Instrument Engineer
    16. Instrument Draftman
    17. Telecom Draftman
    18. Senior Pipeline Engineer
    19. Pipeline Engineer
    20. Senior Structure Engineer
    21. Senior Structural Designer
    22. Structure Draftman
    23. Senior Naval Engineer
    24. Naval Engineer
    25. Senior Safety Engineer
    26. Safety Engineer
    27. Cost Estimation Engineer
    28. Anti-Corrosion Engineer

    [​IMG] Requirements: To learn more about the job descriptions please visit: https://bit.ly/pvdtraning_hiring

    [​IMG] Working time: 8 - 14 months, from July 2022 (depending on each title)

    [​IMG] Working location: Vung Tau City

    [​IMG] Candidates send CV via email: viettx@pvdtraining.com.vn with subject "Apply for position…– Detailed engineering"

    Or send the application form on website: https://pvdtraining.com.vn/career/

    [​IMG] For more detail feel free to contact: 0919717514 - Mr.Việt (sms, Zalo, Phone)


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