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    PVD Technical Training & Certification J.S.C. (PVD Training) is looking the qualified guys for the below positions:
    • Senior Maintenance Tech., Maintenance Tech., Motorman, GPO Maintenance
    • E&I Tech., Instrument Tech., Electrical Tech.
    • Lead Production Operator, Production Operator
    • Senior Cargo Operator, GPO Deck
    • Doctors
    Started date: June 2017

    Working Duration and Location: Norway (5 months), Singapore (5 months), Vung Tau (15 months) for FPSO modification Project and working onboard FSO/FPSO in Vietnam
    General Requirements:
    • Good command in English, writing, listening and speaking.
    • Experiences in oil and gas industry, especially working on sea going similar vessels as Tanker/FPSO/FSO… in similar positions will be highly appreciated.
    • Obtained Certificates of competency for specific vacancy.
    If these jobs appeals to your qualification and experience, please send your application ASAP to our email address: huyenttt@pvdtraining.com.vn BEFORE 31 May 2017.

    And for additional information please call: (+84-64) 3612 099 for Ms. Hien (Ext: 251) or Ms. Huyen (Ext: 234)


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