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    • Consulting: Take part in legal-related consulting activities of PVD’s business and investment operation.
    • Legal tasks in general:
      • Manage legislate activities and related documents and files.
      • Follow and arrange Legal Department’s schedule and operations.
      • Contribute to and take part in building, editing legislate documents, company regulations.
      • Take part in dealing with litigation, complaint & claim in order to ensure the supreme legislate rights of PVDrillings.
    • Project management: take part in, coordinate and manage company projects which relate to Legal Department’s expertise.
    • And other tasks delivered by manager.
    Company : PVD Head Office
    Working Location: Ho Chi Minh City
    Expired Date: 29-Aug-2017

    To potential candidates, please submit your updated resume to us via website (or via email recruitment@pvdrilling.com.vn incase website application does not work); After received your resume, our system will automatically send you a confirmation email.


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    Link ứng tuyển trực tuyến: http://recruitment.pvdrilling.com.vn/SitePages/ReviewJob.aspx
    Chỉnh sửa cuối: 7/7/17

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