PVDInvest tuyển dụng chức danh Maintenance Supervisor làm việc offshore

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    PVDInvest tuyển dụng chức danh Maintenance Supervisor làm việc offshore

    Job Summary

    Location: Onboard the rig

    I. Job Summary:

    • Maintenance Supervisor is a coordinate with Maintenance Department Heads.
    • Maintenance Supervisor is responsible for coordinating planned and unplanned maintenance in all departments on the rig.
    • Maintenance Supervisor is responsible for maintenance, MOC and CMMS.
    • Maintenance Supervisor is responsible for the direct supervision of the welders and welding projects.
    II. Duties
    • Review and improve the current Preventative Maintenance System (PMS/CMMS)
    • Ensure inspections and regular maintenance are scheduled and practiced, and report to
    • Drilling Superintendent as necessary.
    • Ensure that regular preventative maintenance is conducted on all appropriate equipment, and
    • report to Drilling Superintendent as necessary.
    • Carries out detailed Investigations on equipment and material problems and deficiencies.
    • Collects and files incoming equipment information and builds History Summary System.
    • To be involved in Training requirements of local and expatriate maintenance personnel.
    • Provides input for projects and upgrades and assists with assigning internal or external expertise as required.
    • Follows up materials and equipment under repairs or overhauls at 3rd party approved workshops.
    • Competently to recommend equipment specification for purchase, transfer, retirement, spare assets and Capex.
    • Inspect equipment for adequate maintenance and safe operation.
    • Spot check equipment randomly
    • Inspect equipment having persistent or serious failures.
    • Observe rig operating procedures noting unsafe practices.
    • Work in cooperation with Chief Mechanics, Chief Engineers, Chief Electricians, Electronic
    • Technician and Welders to formulate a maintenance strategy for the rig.
    • Change tasks as a result of equipment failure
    • Change tasks as a result of suggestions/comments
    • Ensure all equipment is covered by tasks and incorporated into PMS
    • Ensure tasks and record keeping meets regulatory requirements.
    • Direct supervision of welders and welding tasks.
    • Safe Systems of Work.
    • Ensure all personnel under his authority are wearing correct and adequate PPE at the work site.
    • Ensure that PTW, JSA & LOTO procedures are implemented and strictly adhered to when conducting hazardous activities.

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