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    PVTrans OilField Services is a professional provider of maritime transportation and services to the oil and gas industry in Viet Nam and abroad (FSO/FPSO, O&M...). We are now hiring Camp boss to join Sao Vang Dai Nguyet team as follows:

    Minimum Competencies

    • Professionally qualified Chef with 3 – 5 years leadership experience in remote food and housekeeping service operation.
    • 5 years’ experience in food preparation and housekeeping provision for offshore/remote sites.
    • Experience in mobilization of remote offshore operations is desirable.
    • In depth knowledge of all aspects of food and housekeeping service operations, including procurement, storage, preparation and customer service.
    • Ability to plan, schedule staff and monitor staff performance.
    • Proven planning and cost management skills.
    • Skilled in the preparation, production and service of meals.
    • Knowledge of regulatory and food and housekeeping industry codes and standards
    • Leadership and teamwork skills/behaviors which support team based organization
    • Ability to understand and react with diverse groups and operations
    Proficient in English communication both written and spoken.

    Specific Accountabilities:
    • Organizes staff to provide cost effective quality service in a safe and healthy manner.
    • Prepares and monitors weekly menus in advance together with OIM and Medic to ensure nutritional balance.
    • Ensures conformance with all Occupational, Health, Safety and Hygiene standards.
    • Controls all stocks of food and housekeeping items within agreed quality standards, inventory levels and budgetary constraints.
    • Practices and adheres to control of supplies by first in, first out principle, ensuring no overdue food or water in stock.
    • Implements and provides induction and training for all catering personnel in matters of operational skills, health, safety and hygiene.
    • Assists staff in preparation of annual work plans, reviews performance and identifies training needs.
    • Ensures staff competency in performance of tasks.
    • Maintains effective communication with personnel and customers.
    • Organizes staff duties, menu planning and cleaning duties within budgetary targets.
    • Ensures effective equipment operation and reports defects to OIM.
    • Performs standard administration procedures and provides accurate, timely information and concise reports.
    • Willingness to train and be part of an offshore emergency response team
    • Compile, manage and monitor annual/quarterly/monthly budgets and report to OIM
    • Manage inventory/stock levels effectively and efficiently to minimize waste
    • Plans group/special functions and assists with food preparation.
    • Be prepared to be part of the Medical First Aid team
    • Ensure all mandatory training and certification for all catering personnel are from recognized institutions and within date.
    • Performs routine deep cleaning of facility as per programme agreed.
    • Participate in Hygiene inspections and Audits as per inspection plan.

    Salary: Competitive
    Working location: Onshore - Vung Tau then moving to offshore work in Q2 - 2020
    Application Deadline: 25th August 2019

    Applicable to Vietnamese employees only
    Send your resume to pvtransofs-recruitment@pvtrans.com or contact us at +84 254 357 6669 - Ext: 201

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