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    PVTrans Oilfield Services is searching for Pumpman to join Chim Sao project as follows:

    Specific Accountabilities:

    • Performs, as directed by the LCO, cargo operations, including checking that cargo and ballast systems are correctly set as per the cargo plan.
    • Assists the LCO in all tasks associated with cargo preparation, the handling of cargo and ballast, including topping off and stripping / educting of cargo tanks.
    • Participates in Crude Oil Washing Operations
    • Monitors distribution and Control of Inert Gas to Cargo and Ballast tanks.
    • Responsible under the direction of LCO’s for the maintenance and proper operation of deck and pump room machinery, equipment and valves
    • Rebuilds valves and pumps
    • Corrects leaks in the cargo system
    • Repack valves and glands
    • Lubricates parts, such as glands, bearings and reach rods.
    • To ensure that equipment and material instructions are followed.
    • Identify, assess and mitigate hazards to safety – both personal and process, that present a risk to safety on board the FPSO
    • Indicates areas or equipment of concern to line supervision and area authority.
    • Enters Cargo oil and ballast tanks and conduct maintenance on cargo valves, piping and hydraulic systems as necessary
    • Reports all potential or actual defects in cargo equipment to the LCO and maintain a full and accurate inventory of the deck store and spare parts at the required levels by requisitioning spares through the LCO.
    • Carries out tank gauging and sampling as required.
    • Stops work that is unsafe or likely to cause damage.
    • Assists with general duties - mooring operations, rigging, storing and domestic duties, as required
    • Monitors and Control Shuttle Tanker Operations during Cargo transfers

    Key Competencies preferred
    · Minimum of 7 years’ experience (seagoing) on crude oil tankers (VLCC experience preferred).
    · Suitable experience as Fitter in the engine room with appropriate qualifications.
    · Working knowledge of Permit to Work systems
    · Working knowledge of all safety and emergency systems and equipment on board
    · Knowledge of safety practices and policies such as handling of flammable / dangerous liquids, confined space entry procedures, ships’ tag-out system and process isolations.

    Working location: Offshore (FPSO Lewek Emas – Chim Sao project)
    Application Deadline: 22th March 2022
    Applicable to Vietnamese employees only
    Send your resume to
    pvtransofs-recruitment@pvtrans.com or contact us at +84 254 357 6669 - Ext: 201

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