PVTrans OFS is searching for Mechanical Engineer (onshore)

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    PVTrans Oilfield Services is searching for Mechanical Engineer (Onshore) to join our team for Chim Sao Project.

    Specific Accountabilities:
    · Manage QA/QC of temporary equipment inspection before it mobilize to Offshore facilities and Onshore equipment repair at onshore side (include containers, Electrical or Diesel Driven equipment, Portable Generators, Portable Device Appliances; Instrument devices; Hoses, lifting frame; lifting gears; tanks; ect.), ensure equipment meet technical and safety–related requirement, and follow Company Procedure.
    · Provide and educate Contractors to understand Company requirement and ensure they are fully aware of and strictly follow Company quality prerequisite.
    · Provide a timely and efficient delivery of high quality engineering, maintenance support to ensure the safe, efficient and reliable operation of equipment on the offshore facilities including critical equipment and systems.
    · To be technical focal point for assigned mechanical equipment and provide technical support for the offshore Offshore Supervisors and his operator/ technicians on all mechanical related activities. Provide a timely and efficient delivery of high quality Mechanical engineering, maintenance support to ensure the safe, efficient and reliable operation of assigned equipment on the offshore facilities.
    · To coordinate assigned mechanical maintenance and mechanical engineering issues related to procuring new and replacement equipment, mechanical spare parts and consumables and ensuring the correct specifications for equipment are quoted to vendors when ordering and meet these specifications when supplied.
    · For the installation of any new mechanical equipment will assist in the preparation of specifications, selection of suppliers, review of vendor data, factory acceptance testing, liaison with other disciplines on packages, support to offshore during installation and commissioning.
    · Review maintenance strategies, procedures, routines and plans including any campaign maintenance for mechanical and rotating equipment.

    Minimum Competencies:
    · Bachelors in degree in Mechanical Engineering or Quality related Field.
    · Broad working knowledge of Mechanical; basic working knowledge of Instrumentation, Electrical trades.
    · Preferable for offshore/tanker or Project Inspector experience 10 years with the same range position and minimum 5 years in Oil & Gas Industry.
    · Knowledge and skills of preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance
    · Proficiency in common office software (words, excel, power point…)
    · English: TOEIC score 605-660 or a level acceptable to the Company.

    Salary: Competitive
    Working location: HCM/VT Office, Monday-Friday (8 hours/day)
    Application Deadline: 25th October 2020
    Applicable to Vietnamese employees only
    Send your resume to
    pvtransofs-recruitment@pvtrans.com or contact us at +84 254 357 6669 - Ext: 201

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