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    PVTrans OilField Services is a professional provider of maritime transportation and services to the oil and gas industry in Viet Nam and abroad (FSO/FPSO, O&M...). We are now hiring Planner to join Sao Vang Dai Nguyet team as follows:

    Minimum Competencies
    • University graduated in technical engineering or relevant.
    • Have knowledge and basic understanding of oil and gas production and processing.
    • Hold a high level of computer and IT skills.
    • Proficient in using of Microsoft Offices Software, Word, Excel, Power Point and especially Microsoft Project.
    • Have knowledge and understanding of change management.
    • Have knowledge and understanding of risk management.
    • Proficient in English both written and oral.
    • Demonstrate awareness and sensitivity to environmental, health and safety issues.
    Specific Accountabilities:
    • To deliver a resourced robust baseline project schedule.
    • Co-ordinate and produce project plans and associated documents (“S” curves, Histograms, Tabulated man hour/progress data).
    • Provide the management team with relevant contract information.
    • To ensure all services and deliverables confirmed to Company, Client policy requirements and standards.
    • Promote good working relations with the Operations team and other project department and client representatives.
    • Ensure all planning work is carried out in compliance with Company & Client specific procedures.
    • Able to communicate effectively within the Operations groups and third parties.
    • Ability to develop and maintain the operations plan and partake in the daily/weekly planning meeting with related departments.
    • Provide detailed progress of key campaigns on CPP such as maintenance shutdown, renovation etc…
    • Participate in the identification of the changes to original scopes of work & provide schedule impact information as required to support the creation of change requests.
    • Ensures that the operations priorities are clearly communicated to management, head of departments and other functions within the organization.
    • Review and integrate other department schedules to ensure compliance with operations requirements.
    • Prepare monthly PM and CM job schedules and review with offshore supervisors amend schedules as required.
    Salary: Competitive
    Working location: Onshore - Vung Tau then moving to offshore work in Q3 - 2020
    Application Deadline: 30th November 2019
    Applicable to Vietnamese employees only
    Send your resume to pvtransofs-recruitment@pvtrans.com or contact us at +84 254 357 6669 - Ext: 201


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