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    Vung Tau
    The Project QA/QC Manager reporting to the Delivery Managers with primary duties to ensure completion of all construction, refurbishment activities meeting the highest level of quality in accordance with the approved procedures, and Company project specifications for the project.

    Also undertakes to ensure completeness of documentations are in place and order on completions of various phases of the project. Main responsibilities will be:
    • Site and vendors quality management with the shipyard, brownfield yard and Vendors.
    • Site quality control staff resources and supervisions.
    • Manage / liaisons with CS requirements (Classification Society).
    • Review, approval and appraisals of various contractors QA/QC procedures and documentations.
    • Coordinate interfaces between Marine, Topsides and Turret.
    • Maintain KPIs for various disciplines at various locations and vendors.
    if you interest this job please email me: or ring me: 0908347534

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