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    Vung Tau
    • This position is responsible for providing the strategic direction and leadership to the sales (including applications) and marketing organisations, focusing on Merchant (Bulk & PGP) and Electronics (if applicable) segments while supporting the Onsite businesses so as to deliver the country’s overall profit & loss (P&L) and other business/financial targets.
    • This is role with a responsibility to build and maintain a high performance sales & marketing organisation to deliver value to our chosen customers and as a result, effectively meet if not exceed short term annual budgets and long term growth targets through a disciplined and focused execution of sustainable sales/growth strategies and long term investment plan.
    • This role will be also accountable for the smooth operation and collaboration of cross functional teams within the country to deliver our product service offerings to our customers. In addition, the role will represent Company as figure head with external parties including key partners/collaborators, regulators and suppliers in the country.
    • This position has the following performance areas or areas of responsibility which include but are not limited to:

    • Country Profit & Loss (Sales, Cost & OP)
    • Supporting Head of Sale & Marketing in accountability for the successful delivery of the P&L for Bulk, PGP & Electronics (Electronics Specialty Gases, Total Gas & Chemical Management), if any.
    • Shared P&L for On-sites in order to drive the overall delivery of the country sales & operating profits (OP) targets.
    • Drive relationship between customers and Company , and business expansion (sales penetration) and scope of partnership with major or key strategic accounts through the fronting of one Company and in delivering a total gas solution strategy, meeting all gas requirements in different packages (pipeline, liquid, ) to maximise ‘wallet share’ for the Company Group.
    • Supporting to drive resource/capex allocation, budget (annual & mid-term plans) & targets/KPIs (sales, cost, OP, pricing, DSO etc) setting in agreement with Head of Regional Sales & Marketing.
    • Drive development of effective direct sales strategies and tactical/sales execution plans with sales team & lead team towards achievement of or exceeding sales & operating profit objectives.
    • Maximise OP through improving market share, customer service, productivity and reduced cost including influencing cost/reliability improvements in operations and Return on Assets (“ROA”) for the business segments.
    • Prioritise and drive application development across all market sectors of manufacturing, metals and glass, chemical and energy and food and beverage for market differentiation and to ensure a balanced customer portfolio.
    • Lead the identification and development of growth opportunities/projects to drive portfolio diversification/growth and meet the country’s growth/profitability targets.
    Market Intelligence, Pricing, Product Management & Customer Experience
    • Supporting to drive continuous understanding of the dynamic market, locally & globally, including macro-economics, trends, competition, market sector development and customers for timely strategic business decisions.
    • Develop in-depth/intimate understanding of key individual customers’ business, markets and strategies where applicable for business leverage and growth.
    • Lead effective pricing management and activities to capture customer value and improve pricing performances through cost recoveries and price increases. Identify pricing opportunities and track implementation of key pricing initiatives and targets.
    • Drive product management and market development for key market sectors for market share improvement including PvD (supply-demand management), Product Service Offers (“PSO”) and commercialisation of approved business cases.
    • Drive strong Customer Experience via feedback loops including Customer Satisfaction Survey and Complaints Management Process etc.
    SHEQ & Compliance
    • Supporting to provide strong & visible leadership for the SHEQ and governance agenda including complying to Company standards & externally with local government agencies to maintain right to operate.
    People &Organisation Development
    • Drive strong collaboration across the functions (solid or dotted) to deliver our PSOs to our customers on a timely & safe manner.
    • Lead the implementation of customer management processes including Company Pro, Pricing & Contract Management, other best practices & key regional initiatives to drive commercial & operational excellence.
    Process responsibility:
    • Own the country DOA, Budget, Capex, Customer Management, Pricing & Contract Management &Commercialization processes in the country as appointed by Line Manager.
    • Head of Country Sale & Marketing, Head of Regional Sales & Marketing, for alignment of targets/KPIs, adherence to the Group’s operating model & guidance, and support.
    • Country Management Team, to align on strategies and objectives and cross functional support for day to day implementation of tactical plans & delivery of PSOs, commercialisation of approved business cases etc.
    • RSE Regional teams, to align on regional/Group’s guidelines & best practices & for implementation support.
    • Customers and Prospects for relationship building, proposal or contract negotiations, issues resolution etc.
    • Leaders in Key Regulatory Bodies on local governance & compliance.
    • Key Industry Associations for networking and business relationship building.
    • Proven performance leadership including goal setting, skill gap assessment, development and coaching
    • Excellent leadership capabilities with strong communication, analytical and conceptualisation skills.
    • Strong people management with ability to work with global and regional teams.
    • Excellent influencing and facilitation skills, experience in managing cross functional groups and developing strategic relationships and networks (both internal and external)
    • Superior commercial skills and experience with long term gas supply contracts negotiation and thorough knowledge of drivers of profit and loss across all business segments
    • Ability to work under pressure and under tight time schedules for delivering stretched targets.
    • Advanced financial and negotiation capabilities combined with creative problem-solving skills.
    • 8 + years with industrial gas or relevant industry such as chemical, oil & gas with strong directs sales and business development experiences. At least 3 years of experiences managing a direct sales force.
    • University Degree preferably in business. Technical and engineering background a plus.
    • Advanced Degree a plus (i.e. MBA or Technical), but not essential
    • Experience in working within a matrix style, cross functional, team based environment
    • Strong experience with customer relationships development.
    • Experience in leading strategy development and driving execution.
    • Exposure to various aspects of marketing – products, pricing, promotion.
    • Good understanding in project management and experience in leading change successfully.
    If you interest this job please email me: or ring me: 0908347534

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