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    - This position is responsible for managing accounting data and ensures accurate accounting systems and record keeping to support the finance function in the Terminal.


    1. General Ledger

    - Maintains the general ledger and all related accounts with proper documentation.
    - Reviews entries to the general ledgers to assure accuracy and compliance with the company's and established accounting principles.
    - Prepares of journal entries.
    - Be responsible for maintaining computerized accounting system, backup control, assisting other accounting staff with questions and printing of computer-generated journals, reports and statements.
    - Maintains fixed asset records and control; determines depreciation terms/rates to apply to capitalized items; prepares property tax returns for review.
    - Monitors and maintains stock movement to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the accounting record.
    - Ensures the accuracy of cost allocations to respective cost centers and business units.
    - Liaises with Payables section to process the payments when they are due.
    - Prepares monthly reconciliation for all accounts and resolves un-reconciled items plus proposes timely actions for long-idle items in the balance sheet.
    - Prepares tax reports and assists to review tax reports prepared by other staff such as VAT, WHT, etc...
    - Prepares interim, year-end and comparative financial reports.
    - The key impact of this incumbent will be for the provision of timely & accurate accounting & reporting support within the department to maintain day to day efficiencies in the office.
    - The position is responsible for considering and ensuring the confidentiality of all works, documents and information received during the course of work performance with due diligence and not to disclose any confidential information to any third-party for any purpose that is related to the company’s business during and after the employment with SSIT.
    - The position has the responsibility to read, acknowledge understanding, stay updated and set good example of compliance with the company’s policies stipulated in various regulations, guides and manuals.

    2. Budgeting & Reporting

    - Prepares weekly reports with analysis of fluctuation and action plans.
    - Assists in preparation of annual budget plan and consolidate the input received from various profit/cost centres.
    - Assists Finance and Accounting Supervisor to improve the process of cost control by reducing time-consuming steps without compromising integrity of the process and segregation of authorities.
    - Assists in coordination of year end audit and preparation of schedules and documents for independent auditors.

    3. Others

    Other duties as requests from CFO or Finance and Accounting Supervisor.

    - Requires a College/ Bachelor degree with a specialization in Accounting/Finance.
    - Requires at five years of experience in accounting in which 2 years in general accounting experience in multi-national companies.
    - Requires a sound understanding of accounting principles and transactions.
    - Requires a good understanding of cash transactions.
    - Requires a good understanding of updated tax regulations.
    - Requires sufficient understanding of various accounting concepts in order to review and interpret accounting data.
    - Requires a good understanding of general office procedures and established policies relating to the position.
    - Must be able to use financial database software for data entry.
    - Must be able to compile and extract data.
    - Must be detail oriented, and with good skills in numbers and general mathematics.
    - Must be organized and be able to keep records and files neatly.
    - Requires effective interpersonal skills.
    - Must be able to use a desktop computer with experience using MS Office, especially Excel software.
    - Must have basic organizational and planning skills, so that work flow is managed efficiently and accurately.
    - Must be able to handle matters of company business with confidentiality and integrity.

    Company's information:
    SP-SSA International Container Services Joint Venture Company
    Phuoc Loc Commune, Phuoc Hoa Ward, Phu My Town, Ba Ria Vung Tau.

    Please send your CV to email:
    or contact HR Dept. at 0254 393 8888 – Ext 403

    Deadline for application: 22/3/2019

    Chỉnh sửa cuối: 22/2/19

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