TESV is looking for Technical Instructor work in Vung Tau city

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    We offer a dynamic workplace where everyone has a voice and participates in decision making and have room for the personal development. Besides, we also provide 13th salary, team building activities, social security as per laws. Do you have skill we need and want to join our team? See the detail of our following job description!

    Position: Technical Instructor

    Salary: Depends on experience and education

    Work location: Vung Tau city

    Type of job: Full time

    Recruiting plan: ASAP

    Job description:
    The main tasks of this role are:
    • To conduct Ex training courses
    • Involve in building up and improving the training potfolio
    • Carry out different Ex consulting projects
    Qualifications and experience:
    • Minimum 10 years working relevantly to Ex equipment
    • Demonstrate good experience with Ex stallation, Ex maintenance and Ex inspection.
    • Show good oral and written communication skills.
    • Fluent English and Vietnamese
    • Applicant who possess IECEx CoPC certificate is advantage.
    Salary and Benefits:
    • Your Salary will be based on your relevant experience.

    • TESV can provide guidance, support and training for the applicant during the work to become Instructor in the long run.
    How to apply: Interested candidates can send Application Letter & CV to: mail@tesv.no

    Your applications will be treated confidentially. Please note that we only provide feedback to applicants who meet our requirement, not to all applications unless feedback is requested.

    TESV - ATEX & IECEx Production

    5th Floor - ACB Building, 14 Hoang Hoa Tham, Ward 2, Vung Tau city, Vietnam

    P: +84 973862602 | E: mail@tesv.no | Web: www.tesv.no

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