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    Bà Rịa - Vũng Tàu
    Department : Finance and Accounting
    Reports to : Finance Manager / Deputy Finance Manager


    • Responsible for the integrity of the General Accounting and Management Reporting System through the use of effective financial controls and adherence to the Petroleum Contracts and company policies and procedures.
    1. Process and check invoices, prepare Authorization For Payment (AFP) and ensure payment comply with contracts, policy and procedure
    2. Maintain the General Ledger & Management Reporting Accounting System according to Internationally Accepted Accounting Standards.
    3. Maintain a strong internal control environment through the implementation and support of the appropriate Accounting Policies and Procedures.
    4. Prepare and or check all accounting entries to the General Ledger.
    5. Check the integrity of documents and that all payments are properly authorized in accordance with Delegation of Authorities and Petroleum Contract and coded appropriately to ensure cost recovery and meet Partner Reporting requirements.
    6. Ensure all General Ledger Accounts are reconciled.
    7. Record assets, calculate asset depreciation, monitor assets movements and carry assets inventory.
    8. To be responsible for obtaining and maintaining insurance to cover loss and damage to all wells, offshore property, equipment and crude oil in storage. Closely cooperate with Drilling team, Production team, Procurement team, PVI and PVEP in order to ensure the safety of Insurance program and keep a cost-effective way to insure property
    9. Assist F&A team for audits of PV, Partner, Independent audit and others.
    10. Other ad hoc accounting duties, assignments, projects and tasks as required.
    • University in Finance and Economics or related field.
    • Knowledge of financial internal control procedures and principles.
    • Fluency in Vietnamese and English (spoken and written).
    • Excellent computing skills (e.g. Excel, MS Word, and Power Point).
    • Prior experience of an internationally accepted oil and gas accounting package (e.g. Sunsystem).
    • Strong knowledge of VAS (Vietnamese Accounting System) and prior experience with GAIAP (Generally Accepted International Accounting Principles).
    • Hard working, responsible and willing to learn and team- work skills.

    Deadline for applications: 18/01/2019

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