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    • Reporting to Procurement Supervisor, the post holder is responsible to provide all kind of contracting and procurement activities which shall include but not be limited to contracting and purchasing activities, expediting, and administration support. The role includes understanding the local business objectives and desired outcomes, engaging internal stakeholders to build support for initiatives, understanding options and risks associated with procurement activities, establishing supplier relationships in order to achieve superior supplier performance, negotiating commercial terms to deliver best value solutions, and measuring / reporting the value delivered.
    • Equally important is delivery of all services based on good relationship with suppliers in meeting TLJOC’s expectations and requirements in HSE, technical integrity and cost effectiveness, as well as ensuring strict compliance with the TLJOC Procurement Policy and Procedures, principles and relevant governing legislations such as the Block 15-2/01 Petroleum Contract and relevant Vietnam laws and regulations.


    The primary responsibilities of the post holder will include, but not be limited to:

    • Being responsible for the entire sourcing process for the assigned contracts. The process shall include Pre-qualification, Request for Proposal, Bid Evaluation, Post-Bid Negotiation, Internal and External Approvals, Contract Release, Contract Administration and Contract Closure;
    • Providing the Procurement Supervisor and TLJOC Management with any feedback on contract and procurement related matters, including liaising with other groups within the Company and contractors/ suppliers;
    • Managing the Contractors/Suppliers’ performance to ensure all purchase and service orders are correctly placed, properly expedited and promptly delivered. Advising the Procurement Supervisor of any forecast slippages in contract and order placement, execution and delivery;
    • Liaising with the relevant internal User Groups to ensure alignment of procurement deliverables with their planned activities;
    • Liaising with the relevant internal User Groups to support the monitoring of the Contractors/Suppliers’ cost expenditure to ensure necessary (additional) approvals are obtained in timely manner;
    • Providing contract administration support for the Procurement Team when so required;
    • Ensuring the correct and most up-to-date templates are used (RFQ, ITB, Bid Evaluation Guidelines, Technical Evaluation Report, Commercial Evaluation Report, Award Recommendation, Contract, Purchase Order, Service Order, Release Order and the like);
    • Keeping records and filing of all relevant documentation;
    • Assisting with Partners and Government Audits of TLJOC procurement activities;
    • Developing and maintaining an Approved Contractor/Supplier List (ACL);
    • Participating in the Company networks, sharing information, best practices, continuous improvement initiatives and lessons learnt;
    • Performing other works that the Procurement Supervisor may request from time to time.


    • Be able to focus effort and prioritise work to deliver business value;
    • Have a bias for action, does things before being asked to, or forced to;
    • Be ready to work overtime to manage workload;
    • Anticipate future situations and plans to meet them;
    • Willingly take the lead when challenges occur;
    • Be an open and effective communicator;
    • Demonstrate a shared commitment to team success;
    • Have a respect for others cultures and perspectives;
    • Demonstrate openness to new ideas;
    • Knowledge of local, region and global market for the controlled sectors;
    • Understands business requirements for third party goods and services, especially in Production and/or Drilling areas.
    • Commercial sense – ensuring quality and cost effective contractual agreements is imperative to the Company’s operation, financial and overall business success;
    • Procurement Process – Skilful Application;
    • Strategy Development & Application – Basic Application;
    • Supplier Evaluation & Selection – Skilful Application;
    • Negotiating & Influencing – Skilful Application;
    • Contract Development & Execution – Skilful Application;
    • Supplier Performance Management – Basic Application;
    • Logistic Process – Basic Awareness.
    • Education: Business or Technical college/university degree; Degree either in Business/Commercial/Foreign Trade or Law school is an advantage
    • Other Training: Training on basic oil & gas technology and drilling is desirable
    • Experience: At least 05 years of experience in procurement & contract area; Procurement experience in Oil & Gas industry, especially in Drilling, is an advantage
    • Language: Good English skills both verbal and written
    • Other requirements:
      • Good business acumen,
      • Good analytical and numerical competencies,
      • Good interpersonal communication
    • Strong computer skills (Excel, Word, Power Point)
    • Working in a high pressure environment
    • Coordinating & delivering tasks timely which meet Company requirements and standards
    • Ensuring that implemented strategies & initiatives are fit for purpose and add value to the Company
    • Developing an effective network within the local Procurement Team and the Company
    • Developing in-depth understanding of the energy business & both the local and international marketplace
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    Deadline 10 Feb 2018


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