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    Supermec Vietnam Company Limited is currently seeking dynamic candidate to join us as a Assistant Sales Manager

    • Maintain and expand our present client base through sales calls, advertising, brochures and conferences.
    • Provide regular feedback & highlight potential project & client
    • Identify new customers and new business opportunities.
    • Develop product training, configuration and sales aids, as well as service and maintenance plans
    • Work alongside with overseas Sales and Product Managers to achieve annual sales plan
    • Update & review product pricing and establish new product.
    • Closely monitor & communication with the client to get update & success on the quotation
    • To obtain market information on status of upcoming projects, jobs awarded and clients references.
    • Provides marketing and new business development support globally to sales personnel
    • Conduct market research to determine market competition and requirements for existing and future products
    • Achieving annual sales target
    • Manage portfolio of customer & potential client
    • Ensure proper handling of customer complaints and provide ongoing customer service
    • To follow-up closely in monitoring the status and progress of tender submission.
    • Lead, direct and motivate corporate sales team in achieving the overall corporate sales objectives
    • Execute & follow through the confirmed order process & client process.
    • Responsible to uphold all company policies and insure that division facilities and equipment meet all federal, state, and OSHA regulations
    - At least 3 to 5 of relevant sales experience
    - Min Diploma in Engineering or equivalent.
    - Good sales track record.
    - Strong sales presentations skills, ability to influence and impact an audience.
    - Consistently meets commitments made to company and associates.
    - Relevant experience in Electrical Heat Tracing is preferred
    - Willing to travel.
    - Creative thinking.

    Contact: linhna@supermec.com

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