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    Oil Gas Vietnam Administrator Thành viên BQT

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    Bà Rịa - Vũng Tàu
    • Quantity: 01-HCM city; 01-Vung Tau
    • Nationality: Vietnamese
    • Period of working: Permanent
    Job description
    • Responsibilities and Tasks:
    • Organize and control implementation of marketing and sales tactics
    • Handle major sales and negotiation.
    • Responsible for developing new business, either by introducing new products or by entering new markets.
    • Contact government authorities and relevant parties to seek possible business development.
    • To do market research and define potential clients.
    • To decide the company products can sell in the market priority order.
    • Set-up a prospect database, list of the potential clients for the products
    • Conduct marketing & visit plans on weekly basis.
    • Prepare a follow up action plan for each of the company visited, including the following minimum requirements
    • Prepare technical & financial proposal and draft of the contract, writes up the offers.
    • Leading the INY tendering process and be responsible for its correctness and in timely manner.
    • Coordinating with others Company Business Development for the assistant or development of the common company group business
    Job requirement:
    • University Degree with engineering backgrounds
    • 5-8 years experience in NDT’s sectors
    • Wide relation in the NDT markets with project developers, constructions, EPCI contractors, HSE consultant companies…
    • Willing to travel within the country and onboard
    • Fluent in reading, writing & speaking English
    • Good command in office software (Work, Excel, Powerpoint,…)
    • Understanding of NDT markets, good capability in marketing & sales activities.
    • Able to develop craft composite rates for estimating purposes.
    If you are interested in this position, please kindly send your CV together with the scan copies of your Degrees/Certificates to us ASAP at the email address: job@talentnetwork.com.vn or contact us at the telephone number: +8464 3577 068.


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