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    Supermec Vietnam Company Limited is currently seeking dynamic candidate to join them as a Sales Engineer

    • Consistently meet overall area sales goals and regular sales targets.
    • Make regular sales calls on existing major accounts and establish contact with new accounts.
    • Make effective customer presentations, with proposal pricing accurate and technically correct.
    • Managing and interpreting customer requirements – listening to clients and using astute questioning to understand, anticipate and exceed their needs.
    • Negotiating tender and contract terms, to meet both client and company needs.
    • Negotiating and closing sales by agreeing terms and conditions.
    • Analyzing costs and sales.
    • Preparing reports for head office.
    • Recording and maintaining client contact data.
    • Coordinating Sales Projects.
    • Making technical presentations and demonstrating how a product will meet client needs.
    • Develop product knowledge, competitor’s products and market awareness.
    • Diploma or Degree in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering.
    • At least 3 year(s) of relevant working experience in sales for oil & gas or similar industry.
    • Good sales track record in related industry.
    • Positive attitude, with customer-oriented interpersonal skills.
    • Ability to think out of the box.
    • Related sales experience in Electrical Heat Tracing is preferred
    Contact: linhna@supermec.com

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