[Urgent!!!] NSRP is looking for 9 DCSM (Turnaround) Planners

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    **For turnaround project

    NSRP is looking for 9 DCSM (Turnaround) Planners

    Quantity: 9

    Salary: Negotiable

    Contract duration: 4 months


    - Min 5 years

    - English Skill : IELTS 5.0

    - Basic knowledge in refinery processes. Must have participated in field problems

    troubleshooting in oil and gas related industries.

    - Must have a thorough knowledge of engineering practices, international standards,

    and economic principles related to incumbent's field.

    - Write reports and design packages to enable implementation of engineering


    **If anyone is interested in, please send your updated CV to email Ngoc.nguyen@navigossearch.com or contact +84-24-62628 - 732 (Ms Ngoc) for further information!**


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