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    PVTrans OilField Services is a professional provider of maritime transportation and services to the oil and gas industry in Viet Nam and abroad (FSO/FPSO, O&M...). We are now looking for 4th Engineer to join our team.

    The successful candidates will be required to undertake the required job duties.

    Minimum Competencies:
    • Marine Engineering with Tanker Class 2 Endorsement, Inert Gas, COW and MED 3
    • Minimum of 2 year experience as 4th Engineer on Tanker or motor vessel
    • Steam Ticket
    • Extensive experience required in maintenance of Boilers and other FPSO Utility Equipment
    • Computer literate.
    • Have experience of working using Permit to Work systems.
    • Proficient in English both written and oral.
    • Effective communication skills.
    Specific Accountabilities:
    • Work under direction of 2nd Engineer and reporting directly to the 2nd Engineer
    • The 4th Engineer’s duty and responsibility is to maintain and ensure maintenance of machinery in engine room assigned to him including, but are not limit:
      • Sea water Booster pumps for WIP.
      • SWL Pumps
      • Sea water cooling pump of STG 9.2 MW,
      • HV STG condensate pumps,
      • Fresh water cooling pumps,
      • Bilge and Ballast Pumps
      • Engine room bilge pumps
      • Sewage treatment plant system
      • Galley / Accommodation grey water drain system in Engine room
      • Lube oil tank and piping system,
      • Lube Oil Purifiers,
      • Bunkering MDO and FW system.
      • Portable water system
      • HP & LP Boiler chemical dosing system
    • All the relevant system
      • Immediately report to 2nd Engineer for anything abnormal of machinery and equipment under his responsibility.
      • To prepare P.T.W and submit to Utility Supervisor for approval at least 04 hours prior commencement of afternoon daily meeting.
      • To carry out PLMs and CRM as per 2nd Engineer for requirements of maintenance and repair.
      • To carry out routine maintenance and repair work as directed by 2nd Engineer.
      • To monitor (inventory, raise PR) spare part stocks of machinery /equipment under his control well inventoried and updated all time.
      • Maintain and update inventory of all Lube Oil & Grease, Freon.
      • Take distilled water and portable tank daily sounding.
      • To be incharge of MDO bunker tanks under Utility Supervisor’s instruction.
      • To support dayshift / nightshift operation together with LUO when required.
    Salary: Competitive

    Working location: OFFSHORE- FPSO - Vungtau, VietNam

    Application Deadline: As soon as possible

    Please email resume and any references to HR Department at:


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