Urgent!!! - Recruitment for Drilling Campaign

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    PVD Training is looking for dynamic, high-qualified, and committed individuals for appointment in the upcoming drilling campaign in oversea

    [​IMG] Position:
    1. Material Coordination Office (Offshore)
    2. Material Coordination Office (Onshore)
    3. Safety Supervisor
    4. Senior Drilling Supervisor (DSV)
    5. Senior Drilling Supervisor (DSV for Semisubmersible rig)
    6. Drilling Supervisor (NDSV)
    7. Sand Control (SC) Completion Supervisor
    8. Well test Supervisor
    9. Coiled Tubing (CT) Supervisor

    [​IMG] Requirements: To learn more about the job description please visit: https://pvdtraining.com.vn/recruitment-announcement.../

    [​IMG] Working location: Offshore abroad

    [​IMG] If you are qualified and interested, please submit your resume/CV via email " Tuyendung@pvdtraining.com.vn" with the title "Apply for position…..- Drilling Campaign"

    Or send the application form on our website: https://pvdtraining.com.vn/career/

    [​IMG] For more details feel free to contact:
    0335394505 (Ms. Uyen) (SMS, zalo, phone)
    0367878937 – hotline


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