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    Qualifications and Experiences:
    - Proven experience and results-oriented career AND/OR HND or Master/Captain certificate or Degree equivalents in appropriate engineering subject.
    - Appropriate period as Captain Rank (at least for 10 years minimum) plus appropriate period as acting position as Captain/Master for Oil Tanker operations, prefers to oil tanker as alframax size or above.
    - Offshore Personal Survival, Management of Major Emergencies, Controlling Emergencies, navigation management, radio communication, cargo handling and stowage, etc certificates
    - Extensive knowledge of offshore FSO operations, including, Maintenance, Engineering and Safety Management
    - Medical certificates
    - High level of commercial awareness
    Certificates required:
    - Graduated from Marine University (Degree: Ship Navigation Engineer);
    - Having Vietnam Certificate of Competence ranked Master issued by Vietnam Marine Administration, Seaman’s Book, Seaman’s Passport, Normal Passport (Issued by Immigration Department);
    - STCW certs: Basic training per IMO, RADAR, ARPA, Medical first aid and medical care, Advanced Fire Fighting, Bridge Resource Management, GMDSS/GOC, Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats, Ship Security awareness, Ship Security Officer, Oil Tanker Familiazation, Oil tanker Advanced, Maritime English - Level 3;
    - Having certs: Accident/Incident Investigation; T-BOSIET/FOET
    Personal Skills:
    - Personal: Conscientious, flexible, versatile and determined. Capable of assertive and positive communication and performance.
    - Leadership: Exemplary safety and managerial leadership skills. Good levels of written and spoken communication in English language. Clear understanding of personnel, behavioral and team issues.
    - HSE: Good HSE behavior, experiences in management of other facilities safely and harmonize properly in multiple cultures to maintain Company HSE culture as requires
    - Technical: Appropriate standard of managerial, technical, and professional knowledge as defined by competences.
    IT: Good knowledge and skill with ‘Maintenance Management System’ interface. Practical familiarity with standard ‘Office’ software package. Operation and use of Internet and electronic mail system.

    FSO Vessel, Offshore, VietNam.
    Deadline: 5May2017
    CV submission via email:

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