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    TESV – ATEX & IECEx Production (originally Trainor Vietnam), a specialist provider of Ex training, IECEx CoPC certification, Ex inspection and consultancy, is now looking for Ex inspectors to join our team for following project:

    Job description:
    • Identify and register Ex equipment .
    • Attach the RFID tag on the Ex equipment.
    • Check EPL
    • Ex visual and detailed inspection
    Expected start date:
    • Beginning of Jan 2021
    • Approximately 120 days
    • Back to back within 3 rotations (28 days)
    1. Experience in working with Ex
    2. IECEx CoPC/ Compex certificate is advantage
    3. Evidence of Ex inspection & Maintenance training certificate or Ex general training certificate.
    4. Good in English.

    The inspectors will be provided with the following training:

    - Working at height

    - Attaching the RFID tag on the Ex equipment

    Send your resume to mail@tesv.no or contact us at 0903619802 (Ms. Phuong)

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