Bohler Pacific – Raw Material Supplier for Oil, Gas and CPI industry

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    BÖHLER steels are used in the most diverse applications. As highly stressed specialty steels in aircraft, in turbines for energy production, in medical technology, or in offshore oil & gas production; as cold-work steels for punching, bending, and cutting, as hot-work steels for pressure die casting; or as dimensionally stable tools for producing goods.

    Bohler Pacific is one of the more than 60 sales companies of the Austrian steel mill Bohler Special Steels, Bohler Plates and Bohler Profil.

    We are serving the market in Vietnam with special materials for the Oil & Gas and CPI industry, Automotive and Aerospace industry, as well as, Energy and Power Generation industry.

    Especially within Oil & Gas, Bohler Pacific covers a wide range of markets from downhole, subsea and surface systems to well completions, wellhead and well accessories & components.

    Bohler Pacific is stocking 1000 tons of Ni-base alloys, duplex and super duplex, stainless steel, austenitics and CRA material in bar and plate form at warehouse in Singapore.

    Moreover, our Singapore hub can provide many services (such as cutting and machining) to supply customers with net shape geometries. Our warehouse is equipped with four saws, capable of cutting from 13mm up to 550mm diameter. We also offer precision turning, deep hole drilling and honing according to our customers’ needs.

    For detailed information about Bohler products, please send your enquiry to the contact as below. We are looking forward to hear from you.
    Phu Nguyen (Mr.) | Sales & Marketing Consultant
    Email: | Mobile: 086 8811 475
    25 Pioneer Crescent | Singapore 628554
    Visit our website at


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