KTN won the tender for supply of fire pumps for Camau Gas Processing Plant

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    KTN has signed a contract with Posco Engineering to supply 03 sets of diesel fire pump (4500 GPM @ 150 PSI) and 02 sets of jockey pump for the project Camau Gas Processing Plant. The pumps are manufactured by Pentair, branded Aurora, NFPA 20 designed, UL listed & FM approved.

    The project, located at Khanh An Industrial Zone, Khanh An Commune, U Minh District in the southern-most province of Ca Mau, includes construction of a gas processing plant, storage facility, port and a 37 km pipeline. Total investment capital for the project has been set at VND11 trillion ($497.62 million).


    The Ca Mau Gas Processing Plant project will use the advanced liquid separation technology developed by UOP Company, a subsidiary of the US based Honeywell Corporation.

    Raw materials for the plant will come from local mines, such as Cai Nuoc and others in the south western region.

    Upon completion, after an expected period of 18 months, the project will annually supply the market with approximately 207,500 tons of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and 11,900 tons of condensate, generating revenue of about VND4.4 trillion ($199.05 million) and contributing approximately VND 500 million ($22.62 million) per year to the State budget.


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